Compact archive May 17, 2007

Concert of My Chemical Romance in Prague soon

Fans of the music band My Chemical Romance look forward to their concert in Prague on 3rd June 2007. This American rock music band from New Jersey will perform in Prague for the first time.

The band started in 2001, in September 2001 to be exact, after the attacks in New York. The first who came with the idea of creating a new music band was Gerard Arthur Way. Now the band has 5 permanent members. They have already released three albums, their last one was extremely successful.

Prague’s concert of My Chemical Romance will take place in T-Mobile Arena (in Prague Exhibition Ground). Tickets are still available via Ticketpro for 510 CZK.


The oldest ship in Prague anchors near Charles Bridge

The oldest ship in Prague can be seen these days on the Vltava river. It’s anchored near Charles Bridge and it bears the name Nepomuk. It is a contribution to the July’s celebrations of 650th anniversary of Charles Bridge.

This ship was built in 1933 and before the WWII it ferried passengers between Lyon and Avignon, then it sailed on Rhine river. Nepomuk ship can transport up to 250 people and its diesel engine is lit by a safety-fuse.

The ship will soon sail on the river and it will carry passengers on sightseeing tours along the Vltava banks. Soon it will also travel to Slapy Dam or to Melnik where the Vltava joints the river Labe.

Anonymous letter: church schools in Prague will explode

More than 30 church school in Prague have been searched in order to find any traces of explosive materials. An anonymous person sent a letter last Tuesday in which he/she threaten with bomb attacks at these schools.

Policemen with trained dogs were searching in the buildings of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools but also in three theological faculties of Charles University. No bombs were found but policemen will continue guarding the places for the following days.

The same situation was in January this year. There were no bombs found at the schools and the anonymous writer is still unknown. It might be the same person again, probably with religious motives. The world Allah was mentioned in the last letter many times. If the writer is caught, he/she can be sentenced up to 15 years imprisonment.


Opponents of nuclear plant Temelin threaten with large border blockades

The disagreement between the Czech Republic and Austria about the Czech nuclear plant Temelin is becoming stronger. Austrian government decided yesterday to send a diplomatic note to Prague. They claim that the Czech Republic breaks international agreements.

The opponents of Temelin threaten that if the Austrian government doesn’t file an international lawsuit against the Czech Republic in four weeks, they will block all 16 Czech-Austrian frontier crossing.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs consider these blockades as restrictions of the free movement of persons and goods, which belong in the four freedoms of the European Union. On Monday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg told his Austrian colleague that Czech patience with blockades has its limits.

Contemporary theatre in Prague with plays of Egon Bondy

Bouda Bondy is a construction that you can see these days on the place between the National Theater and the New Scene (the glass building). This temporary construction will enrich Prague theater scene this summer.

It is inspired by a wooden construction situated on present Wenceslas Square in the times of Czech National Revival, where people could see Czech plays in Czech language, instead of the official German language. Bouda of these days contains 120 seats and measures 16 × 23 meters. The construction will be finished during May, the first performance there is planned for 16th June 2007.

The programme of this year will offer the works of recently deceased Egon Bondy, a famous Czech poet, prose writer and philosopher. Visitors can see theater plays based on five texts of his in ten reruns.