Compact archive May 22, 2007

'Kinoautomat' is back after 40 years

Has it ever happened to you that you were in the cinema and you were not satisfied how the story was developing? Now you have a special oportunity to change it. Prague cinema Svetozor will show a movie and the audience will vote how the movie will continue.

The idea of Kinoautomat (a movie vending-machine) was first presented to a large audience at the Expo of 1967 in Montreal. It was the first interactive movie in the world. It’s based on the fact that the film is stopped at one moment and the audience is asked to vote according to what they think the movie should continue. After voting, the adequate movie version will be shown. The idea is coming back to the cinema after it was prohibited by the communist regime.

People can look forward to 21 performances, also in English version. The film is called One Man and His House and its premiere this year is on 29th May 2007. Tickets can be bought in the cinema Svetozor (Vodickova street 41) or reserved at


Prague concert of Wu-Tang Clan

America rap music group Wu-Tang Clan will come to Prague during their European tour. You can see them in T-Mobile Arena in the event called Triumph Hip Hop Festival. It will present not only Wu-Tang Clan band but also other bands.

Wu-Tang Clan consist of 3 members from Brooklyn and 6 from Staten Island. They found the name of the band in kung fu films, they are called after a sword that has special powers. They issued their first album in 1993, a new one is planned for this year.

If you buy tickets for Wu-Tang Clan before the end of May, you’ll get a discount – instead of 505 CZK you’ll pay 450 CZK. The concert is scheduled for 17th July 2007 19:00 in T-Mobile Arena (at Prague Exhibition Ground).


3D model of future Prague-Pankrac soon

Pankrac is a part of Prague that is known for its high building. Sometimes it’s called the Manhattan of Prague. Soon people can see a model of Pankrac presenting the future face of this district.

The model will be three-dimensional, it will measure 5 × 1 meters. It will show the Pankrac on a scale 1:500. Present buildings will be coloured, future buildings will be made out of perspex. People can familiarize themselves with a new cable line that will connect Pankrac with Podoli, a new skating ring or a new amphitheatre.

The model will be presented to the public on 23rd June 2007 in Pankrac. It should be the base for the discussion between developers and the public.

Art Prague 2007 started

International Contemporary Art Fair ART PRAGUE 2007 presents the best of more than 40 private galleries not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, and newly from Australia (with so called aboriginal art).

The art fair is open for everybody and everybody will find there what they like. Besides the exhibition, you can discuss art and architecture with specialists or see the presentation of several art magazines. Visitors can see a collection of thousands of art works in a short time.

The fair takes place at two places: traditionally in the Exhibition Hall Manes (Masarykovo nabrezi 250) and newly in the New Hall in Vorsilska street 3. The halls are open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 until 27th May 2007 (on 24th May open until 22:00). For more information click here.


The reconstruction of Charles Bridge starts in summer

Charles Bridge in Prague Since the 1990’s there have been discussions about the necessity to reconstruct one of the most visited monument, Charles Bridge. Now the experts all agree that the reconstruction of Charles Bridge is inevitable and should start as soon as possible. Water is coming inside the bridge and causes big problems.

Even though it was announced several times that the reconstruction would start at the end of last year or in spring this year, nothing happened. Now the city wants to wait until the end of the celebrations of the 650th anniversary of the bridge.

The reconstruction will cost 100 million CZK, it may take up to 10 years. The bridge won’t be closed during the works, only some parts won’t be accessible.


Dermatologists help in a tent in the Wenceslas Square in Prague

Are you afraid that the spot on your skin could be a sign of skin cancer? If you are in Prague now, you can visit a tent in the lower part of the Wenceslas Square, where dermatologists tell you if there is something wrong.

This action follows the European Day Against Melanoma that was on 7th May. Five doctors have their office now on the street of Prague to support the prevention of skin cancer. The checkup is for free, it doesn’t hurt and takes only a few minutes. But you can expect long queues before the tent.

Yesterday 10 out of 600 people who visited the tent were sent to hospital. Many others sighed with relief. You can still visit the tent today from 10:00 to 18:00.