Compact archive May 24, 2007

Japanese ikebana in Prague

A new charitable exhibition about Japanese culture is held right now in Prague under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Japanese Embassy in Prague.

The exhibition is accompanied with an additional programme, where you can learn how to arrange flowers in Japanese way (ikebana), how to serve tea and many others. At the exhibition you can buy souvenirs, such as decorated vases or wicker baskets, or visit nearby restaurant.

The exhibition is open from today until Saturday 26th May from 10:00 to 18:00. You can find it in the Palac Austria (Stefanikova 25) not far from metro station Andel (yellow line B). The full entrance fee is 90 CZK.


Brno - 16 presidents and great fireworks

Ignis Brunensis - fireworks festival in Brno Two events attract thousands of people into Brno, after Prague the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The first one is the meeting of 16 presidents of the Central, Eastern and South Europe. The second one is the international firework festival Ignis Brunensis.

16 presidents will meet in Brno tomorrow to talk about the future of Central, Eastern and South European regions, about the cross-border cooperation and the transit infrastructure. There will be already 12 presidents staying in Brno hotels tonight, tomorrow 16 presidents will meet in namesti Svobody, the main square of Brno.

Magnificent fireworks will light the sky above the Brno dam in the coming days. This year you can see the performance of Czech team (today), Italian team (Saturday 26th May), South African team (Monday 28th May) and Portuguese team (on Wednesday 30th May). The final fireworks will take place about Spilberk Castle on Friday 1st June at 22:30). They all start at 22:30. The opening fireworks were visited by more than 150,000 people last Friday.

Shaolin is coming to Prague

Performance of Shaolin monks Monks from Chinese monastery Shaolin are coming back to Prague to show their incredible show that has been seen by millions of people all over the world. You have the chance to see the masters in action next week.

15 monks will introduce not only their great mastery of kung fu, mental and physical condition and strength but also their old culture. According to people who have already seen their performance, it’s an unforgettable experience for everybody.

Shaolin will show their performance twice – in Brno on 28th May and in Prague Congress Centre on 29th May. Tickets ( are almost gone, so hurry up.

Genesis in Prague - change of venue

The venue of the concert of Genesis that will be held on 20th June has been changed. Instead of the Stadium of Evzen Rosicky in Prague-Strahov, the concert will take place (at the same day) on the parking place near the metro station Ceskomoravska (near Sazka Arena).

The reason for the change of the venue are the technical parameters of the show. As the capacity of the area is smaller, people with already bought tickets for sitting are kindly requested to contact the organizing agency Interkoncerts on +420 267 910 539 or +420 267 910 547 or by email


Newly open luxurious hotel in Prague is connected with Mozart

Prague has a new luxurious hotel. It stands in Celetna street on the Royal Route in the centre of Prague . It’s called At the Golden Angel and first tourists can sign in in June. It’s a reconstructed house built in 1725 that used to host Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on his first visit of Prague.

The hotel offers the luxury of a 4 star modern hotel but keeps the historical atmosphere and architecture. The reconstruction of the building cost 300 million CZK. Even though there are more hotels than streets in the centre of Prague, it seems that the hotel won’t have problems to fill its capacity.

Already more then 800,000 tourists visited Prague from January to March this year, which is 12% more than last year. More visitors came especially thanks to warm winter that was in the Czech Republic this year.

George W. Bush to arrive in Prague on 4th June

The visit of the American president George W. Bush is getting closer and the safety measures in Prague are increasing. George W. Bush is going to visit Prague to meet Czech diplomats and to address about 70 high diplomats at the international conference Democracy and Security.

He’s going to speak about global security issues in the democratic word and the role and the influence of the USA in the world. President Bush and his wife Laura are going to arrive in Prague in the evening of Monday 4th June. They will probably stay in the American Embassy residence or in one of the top hotels in Prague. The place will be kept secret to the last moment.

On Tuesday 5th June George W. Bush will be accepted by the Czech president Vaclav Klaus at Prague Castle where they will discuss, together with Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and the leader of the opposition party Jiri Paroubek, the possible U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic. Laura Bush is going to visit some of the splendid gardens around Prague Castle. Several demonstrations during Bush’s visit have been already announced.