Compact archive May 31, 2007

George Michael and My Chemical Romance already this weekend

The concerts of My Chemical Romance and George Michael are getting closer. This Saturday at 20:00 the T-Mobile Arena (instead of Strahov Stadium) will host one of the pop stars, British singer George Michael.

The American band My Chemical Romance will perform in the T-Mobile Arena a day later, on Sunday 3rd June. The organizers had to change the venue thanks to the big demand from their fans. The number of sold tickets was two times higher than the capacity of the first venue, Trade Fair Palace Tickets are still available via Ticketpro and Ticketportal between 495 CZK and 510 CZK.

The band My Chemical Romance was so enthusiastic about the reaction of the Czech audience that they bought an extra show device for about ten thousand dollars from their own honorarium.

Charles IV. will take the crown jewels from Prague to Karlstejn

Karlstejn Castle A big action is planned for the coming two days in Prague. The reconstruction of the true historical event that happened seven hundred years ago will show the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia Charles IV taking the crown jewels from Prague to Karlstejn where the jewels used to be stored.

The entourage headed by Charles IV. (represented by Czech actor and moderator Vladimir Cech) will set out for the journey at the III. courtyard of Prague Castle at 12:00 on Friday. The “jewels” will be blessed by the Czech cardinal Miloslav Vlk.

Via Lesser Quarter and Charles Bridge the procession will continue to the Old Town Square to see a big tournament. After that the journey will continue to Smichov, Chuchle, Radotin, Cernosice and will finish in Dobrichovice. On Saturday the procession will continue from Dobrichovice to Karlstejn to place the crown jewels to its rightful place. Everyone can join the entourage at any moment of the journey.

'Women from Kibera' exhibition in Prague

Large photographs showing African women with AIDS and their hard life are displayed these days in the Louvre Gallery in Prague (Narodni 22 street). Their author, famous photographer Jan Sibik, called the exhibition Women from Kibera. The exhibition is open for free until 23rd June 2007 (open every day between 12:00 and 19:00).

The photographs illustrate difficult situation of African women living in large slums in Nairobi. Infected with AIDS, left by their husbands and making the living by being prostitutes just to be able to feed their (mostly also infected) children.

This exhibition is a humanitarian project of FOR AFRICA fund to help African women with AIDS. From money sent to the account 35-9248910287/0100 the African organization Kenya Women’s Centre buys medicaments, school uniforms and books for children of the infected women.


Festival of Jewish Culture Nine Gates soon

The 8th International Festival of Czech-German-Jewish Culture NINE GATES will be held in Prague from 11th to 17th June 2007. The programme of the festival offers six concerts, four theatre performances, two literature evenings, a photographs exhibition and a public competition in photography. All the events are for free.

The main topic of this year’s festival is the 70th anniversary from the death of music composer George Gershwin. His compositions Rhapsody in Blue and An American in Paris can be heard on the concert in the Wallenstein Garden on 12th June.

The festival will be ended with Gershwin’s jazz opera Porgy and Bess in the area of Wallenstein Garden and with the concert of the main cantor of Saint Petersburg synagogue Baruch Finkelstein. Soon you can find more information about the festival at


American man with tuberculosis travelled from Prague

An American man infected with a rare form of tuberculosis travelled via Prague to Montreal with Czech airline company CSA and endangered the lives of his fellow passengers. Before that he took several flights within Europe. From Montreal he travelled to the USA by car. Right now he is in quarantine and his room is guarded.

The man knew about hill illness and he was said not to fly back to the USA with any commercial air carrier. He did it anyway. His drug-resistant form of tuberculosis is very dangerous and the fellow passengers are now being contacted to make sure they haven’t been infected as well.

According to Czech health official Michael Vit, the man didn’t cough much and he was wearing a mask over his mouth. The possibility of being infected is higher after eight hours in confined space with the patient.