Compact archive June 12, 2007

Women's mud wrestling in Prague

If you like watching mud wrestling of pretty women, visit Obcanska plovarna in Prague (U plovarny 8, Prague 1) on Friday 15th June 2007. Many girls will compete not only in mud wrestling but also in a beauty contest.

There will be a nice view not only at the competitors but also at the jury – it will consist of many former winners of beauty contests. The programme will offer music performances, a gladiator show and tantric massages for women. You can also try your luck in a large erotic tombola offering more than 150 prizes.

The action starts at 19:00. The entrance fee is for men 200 CZK and for woman for free. Tickets can be bought via (I. zapas v bahne). At the gate everyone will get Cannabis ice tea, Leo magazine and Nei report for free.

73,3% of Czech people are against the Bodies... The Exhibition

Bodies... The Exhibition Crowds of people visit the Bodies…The Exhibition every day. They can see black lungs of a smokers, the system of muscles or shapes of many human organs. But still, 28,1% of Czech people find the exhibition barbarous and want to have it closed.

A new survey made for MF DNES by Median agency shows that another 45% of Czech people don’t like the idea. Only 26.7% likes the exhibition and want to see it personally.

There have been many protests about the exhibition so far. The opponents claim that the exhibition is not ethical and there’s no proof that the people, whose bodies are now shown, agreed with it. The rector of Charles University recommended to students of medicine not to work there but many of them are still working there as guides.

Long-range weather forecast for Prague (June, July)

If you plan to visit Prague during the next month, we have a long-range weather forecast for you. The temperatures in May are over the average and it will probably stay the whole summer.

Heat waves with lack of rain will be followed by storms and heavy rains with local floods. From 11th to 20th May expect sunny weather with numerous rain showers and storms. The average night temperature will be around 15 ˚C (59.0 ˚F), the highest day temperature will reach 31 ˚C (87.8 ˚F).

From 21st to 30th June expect mainly cloudy weather with light rain showers and storms. At the end of this period rain showers will appear only occasionally. Night temperatures will be about 12 ˚C (53.6 ˚F), the highest day temperatures between 19 and 25˚C (66.2 and 77.0 ˚F), later on between 22 and 28 ˚C (71.6 and 82.4 ˚F).

From 1st to 10th July the weather will be somewhat cloudy with night temperature about 14 ˚C (57.2 ˚F) and day temperatures between 23 and 29 ˚C (73.4 and 84.2 ˚F). Anyway, no long-range weather forecast is 100% accurate.

If you are looking for Prague weather forecast, you will find it here.


Anonymous call closed metro station Dejvicka

The metro station Dejvicka, the terminal of the green line B and the changing place for buses to the airport, was closed for two hours yesterday due to a bomb alert.

An anonymous man called yesterday at 14:00 to the police that there is a bomb in the metro station that is about to explode in about 90 minutes. The police evacuated the station and started to search the area, but nothing was found.

For two hours the trains had to stop in the station Hradcanska. The service was renewed short before 16:00. The police is searching for the offender now.


Big plans for the right riverbank in Prague

Masarykovo nabrezi in Prague Tens of restaurants and cafes, beaches, children’s playgrounds, a boat rental or a theatre stage on the water will grow on the right bank of the Vltava river. The councilmen of districts Prague 1 and 2 decided to improve the riverbank and make it a pleasant place where to spend a free time.

The project is called the Vltava Promenade. The designers got themselves inspired by many European cities, e.g. by beaches along the Seine, stands for bikes in Amsterdam or street lamps in Venice.

The boat rental, restaurants, bike stands, as well as the first construction work should appear on the riverbank this year. The city also plans a “water tram” – a boat that will be an alternative to the city transport from Vysehrad to Stvanice. The whole project should be finished in 2010.