Compact archive June 15, 2007

The Czech Republic is on the good way to Schengen

The European Commisioner Franco Frattini visited Prague to discuss the plan to implement the Schengen Agreement in the Czech Republic at the turn of this year. According to his words, the Czech Republic is on the good way to join the system which enables travelling between participating states without border controls.

As all neighbours of the Czech Republic will be in the Schengen area, the only border with other countries will be international airports. Frattini checked the security measures at the largest international airport in Prague Ruzyne yesterday.

Frattini visited places that are closed to the public, such as the police control centre or the room where suspicious passports are checked by experts. He was also positive about the work of police men with dogs on board searching for any traces of explosive materials.

Prague Quadriennale 2007 started

Prague hosts the 11th 11th International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadriennale 2007. It’s the largest event of this kind in the world showing contemporary stage designs and theatre architecture.

Participants can exchange experience, learn new trends, meet interesting people and try new working methods during a large number of workshops. Many performances take place on the streets of Prague. One of the visual performance (called X-times people chair) is held today: you can see seniors doing their usual daily activities, but sitting on a chair hanging 6 meters high.

Tonight hundreds of participants of PQ from many countries all over the world will march in carnival masks through the centre of Prague to Ovocny trh. If you want to know more about this event as well as the full programme of Prague Quadriennale 2007, go to


Tibetan Lama Karmapa is coming to Prague

The head of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, H.H. 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje, is coming to Prague to give lectures on karma – cause and effect and an empowerment on the 2nd Karmapa Karma Pakshi.

The way of thinking that the head of Karma Kagyu, one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism, represents has thousands of supporters in Europe. More information about Karmapa can be found here.

Karmapa will give a teaching in the T-Mobile Arena in Prague Exhibition Ground tomorrow at 17:00. Tickets can be bought via Ticketpro for 450 CZK. Before Karmapa’s lecture, you can attend the lecture of Lama Ole Nydahl: Introduction to Buddhism. The programme will be held in English with Czech translation.

Czech outlet of Microsoft is the best again

The Czech outlet of Microsoft is very successful. For the second time in less than one year it was awarded as the best national outlet of Microsoft. It’s the first time that one outlet managed to defend its best position in two consecutive periods.

The award was given for the third quarter of fiscal year 2007. Among the best three outlets are also Brasilia and the region of the southeast of Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the states of former Yugoslavia).

Microsoft employs about 250 people in the Czech Republic. They managed to introduce successfully the new operation system Windows Vista and the office application suite Microsoft Office 2007. They also managed to lower the software piracy thanks to the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification.

Microsoft opened its first Center for the Support of Mobile Technologies and also Microsoft IT Academy on Strahov Silicon Hill in the Czech Republic. Microsoft checked more than 750,000 computers in the Czech Republic in the first quarter of 2007, 18% of them contained illegal copies of Microsoft’s operation system.

Indonesian Night in Prague tonight

The central building of the Municipal Library in Prague Indonesian Night is a part of the Many Colours of Asia festival that is held right now in Prague. It’s a joint work of 13 embassies to promote Asia culture and art to people in Prague.

Today you can learn more about Indonesia, the country with thousands of little islands. Indonesian Night will present traditional music, dances, photographs, paintings, carpets and many others.

The Indonesian Night is held in the Municipal Library in Prague from 18:00 tonight. Even though there is a free entrance, contact the Embassy of Indonesia on tel: 257 214 388 in advance.

Tomorrow you can learn about Korea, on Sunday about Malaysia. You can check the list of events here)/zdroj.aspx?typ=2&Id=72693&sh=-386489256. The festival will finish on 5th July 2007.