Compact archive July 2, 2007

Unique exhibition of lilies in Prague Botanical Garden

Lily A unique and probably the largest collection of lilies in the Czech Republic can be seen in Prague Botanical Garden in Prague-Troja these days. Over 2,000 flowers and more than 200 cultivated species of lily are displayed until 22nd July.

Lilies, flowers with very typical scent, has been growing in Troja since 1973. If you want to learn more about the arrangement of lilies, visit the Botanical Garden on Saturday 14th July. The flowers arranged that day will be on sale immediately after the presentation.

The exhibition is open daily between 9:00 and 19:00. Guided tours will be available for Czech language speakers on 3rd, 4th, 12th and 13th July 2007.


By steam train outside Prague

Traditional historical steam trains will depart from Prague main railway station this summer to take their travellers to Czech countryside. Travellers can get out at any of their stations on the way to get to know various towns and places. The trains will set out for the journey on 7th July, 18th August and 1st September 2007.

The trains will be drawn by steam engine made in 1917. Travellers can enjoy the journey sitting on period wooden chairs. There will be a buffet on the train as well as wagon for bikes and prams transportation. In the times of the biggest fame in 1920’s and 1930’s steam trains were often so full, that some travellers had to travel on the roof of the train.

The train departs from Prague at 9:44 in the morning (with stops in Prague-Vrsovice at 9:50 and Prague-Branik at 10:06). The journey continues via Vrane nad Vltavou, Cercany, Cesky Sternbek to Kacov. The return journey start at 17:29. The return ticket from Prague to Kacov cost 240 CZK.

Travellers who decides to go for the trip on 7th July can get off in station Sazava – Cerne Budy and visit the Sazava funfair.


UNESCO doesn't want high buildings in Prague

Author: Visualization: ECM Prague should reconsider building of new high buildings in the city. They might have a negative effect for the metropole which is on the list of the UNESCO. That’s the recommodation of the World Heritage Committee by the UNESCO that is meeting now in New Zealand.

The committee talked mainly about the project to build two high buildings in Prague-Pankrac. They stress that the plans should respect the panorama of the historical Prague. The official statement of the committee will be send officially to Prague soon.

One of the two planned buildings should have 31 floor and be in the shape of the letter V. The other one, a hotel, should be 10 floors lower. They are supposed to be build very close to the historical centre of Prague.

Masaryk railway station in Prague will be closed during summer

Due to the maintenance of the rail switches and protecting devices many trains won’t terminate in Masaryk railway station (Masarykovo nadrazi) near Florenc. The service disruption will last from today until the end of August.

The trains between Prague – Kralupy nad Vltavou will be rerouted via Prague-Holesovice to the final destination Prague-Liben. The trains between Prague – Kladno – Zatec – Chomutov will depart/arrive at the station Prague-Bubny. Between 9th and 20th July the terminal will be shifted to the station Prague-Dejvice.

There will be no additional transport. Travellers can ask for tickets for the Prague public transport by showing the train ticket in the booking office of stations Prague-Masarykovo nadrazi and Prague-Holesovice. More information about the service disruptions can be received at the railway stations and on the phone number (+420) 840 112 113.


GPS for policemen in the centre of Prague

Police officer in the street of Prague The city police in the centre of Prague (Prague 1) will be equipped with the navigation system GPS by this September. There are two reasons for that. First of all, the police will be able to provide thousands of tourists that stroll in the streets of Prague with information. The other reason is to control the police work better.

The city police will be able to advice tourists the shortest way to any destination, to find out the opening times or more information about Prague monuments. The police headquarter will be also able to check whether and how ofter the patrolmen visited various localities.

Prague 1 will invest about 800,000 CZK to improve the police work. If the navigation system turns out to be helpful, the device will be bought for police officers in other Prague districts.