Compact archive July 4, 2007

Who to ask the way in Prague?

Knights of the Cross Square More and more police officers are able to communicate with tourist in foreign languages. At least these are the words of the spokeswoman of the Prague police Iva Knolova. According to her, younger generation in police forces have normally basic knowledge of foreign languages, especially English.

Still, if you can’t make yourself understood, visit the police station situated in Na Mustku street in the centre of Prague. There you can find interpreters of the main world languages. For languages that are not so common, the police will call court interpreters.

The police also invited students to help them with translations of more difficult questions. The students assist the police officers in the centre of Prague every weekend in June and September and every day in July and August.


Prague roads safer than a year ago

The penalty point system that was introduced in the Czech Republic a year ago proved to be good in Prague. Prague city as the only one completed the penalty point system (read more) with a large number of radars measuring speed. Their placement is known to the large public mainly as a precaution. The map with the positions of the permanent Prague radars can be found here)/default.aspx?ido=7901&sh=-74891013 (descriptions in Czech only).

20 lives were safe in comparison with the number of death people on the roads in the previous period. There were also 43% less car accidents.

However, the police monitored over 320,000 offences of speeding in one year. The deputy mayor of Prague Rudolf Blazek said that even though the roads watched by radars are known, about 5,000 drivers a day exceed the speed limits. Radars are placed mainly near schools and zebra crossings.


Wine celebrations in Karlstejn this September

Karlstejn Castle Do you plan to visit Prague this September and you want to experience something special? We’ve got a tip for you – wine celebrations in Karlstejn near Prague on 29th and 30th September 2007.

Visitors can look forward to many activities, such as concerts of historical and folk music, fencers performances, medieval market, lessons of historical dances, period costumes fashion parade, fire-eaters, magicians, jesters and many more. Adult visitor can taste many kinds of wine. The entrance fee is 100 CZK, children below 15 years old enjoy the activities for free.

Karlstejn castle was founded by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1348 as a place for keeping the Czech coronation jewels and a collection of holy relics.

Construction of the outlet centre in Prague endangered

The construction of the largest outlet centre in the Czech Republic, that is now being built near Prague International Airport Ruzyne, is endangered. The airport Ruzyne is afraid that customers and tracks full of goods leading to the outlet centre will block the transport to the airport and therefore the travellers will miss their flights.

According to the spokeswoman of the airport, Eva Krejci, the outlet centre has to find another way to the centre, otherwise the airport won’t give a permission for the next construction of the outlet. On the other hand the investors, B. Consulting company, claim that there are more ways to the centre and that experience from other outlets shows only an occasional rise of transport.

The outlet centre will contain over 170 shops selling the collections of renown brands for only a small part of the original price. In front of the centre will be a parking place for 2,500 cars.

Hewbrew inscription is back on Charles Bridge

The Crucifix and Calvary The gold inscription on the statue The Crucifix and Calvary on Charles Bridge is back. However, the inscription is not the original one, but a replica made by the same technological process, including fire gilding techniques.

The Hebrew inscription saying ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts’ comes from the end of the 17th century. The original remains are placed in the Gallery of the City of Prague.

Last January the inscription was damaged by an unknown vandal who threw some parts of it into the Vltava river. To prevent such vandalism, 1“0 cameras connected with the police office have been installed”: on the bridge earlier this year.