Compact archive July 9, 2007

Online check-in for 70% of Prague travellers

Air carriers CSA and SkyEurope have joined the group of air carries that enable their passengers to check-in via internet. So called “online check-in” is offered by already nine air carriers flying from Prague – CSA, Air France, British Airways, easyJet, EL AL, KLM, Brussels Airlines, SkyEurope and SWISS.

Online check-in is very comfortable for travellers with a cabin luggage only. After arriving at the airport they can continue straight to the passport control. Travellers checked-in online can also decide where they want to sit on the plane.

Each air carrier state individually the term connected with the online check-in, especially how long before the departure passengers should be checked-in. For more information about your air carrier consult their web pages.


Famous Cirque ici comes to Prague

One of the most famous circuses Cirque ici will be the main star of the Prague festival Letni Letna that will be held in Prague between 20th August and 2nd September 2007.

Cirque ici will show their so far last performance Secret full of theatre magic, cirkus mastery, physical abilities and great atmosphere. The 100-minute show will be performed by Johann Le Guillerm, awarded the prize Grand Prix Nationale du Cirque, and his creative team.

Cirque ici will offer 10 performances in Letna park in Prague. Tickets are available via for 540 CZK (every first 50 tickets for each performance will be 50 CZK cheaper).

New ferry transport in Prague

Prague will have a new ferry transport on the Vltava river. The ferry will take people from Prague district Smichov to Podoli and back every day from 6:00 to 22:00 (the journeys will start at every full hour). The official opening is on 17th July 2007 in the afternoon.

The operator of the ferry is Vittus Group company. The ferry will be included in the Prague public transport and passengers can use the tickets of this integrated transport system. The price of one journey is 20 CZK.

The operator thinks that the ferry will be used mainly by people travelling to work, to Podoli swimming pool, to sport area Zlute Lazne or by cyclists.


Prague attracts young people

More and more people are moving to Prague in the last few years. There are two main reasons for it. Prague can offer the highest average salaries in the whole country and the unemployment here is one of the lowest.

The Czech capitol attracts mainly young people without families who can find good job opportunities there. When they earn enough money they tend to move to outskirts of Prague or villages near Prague to raise children.

There are now 1 194 407 inhabitants in Prague. Popular areas are Prague districts 4, 6 and 10. A large number of Prague immigrants consists of foreigners, especially from Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam.

Beer specialities in Prague

Prague mini breweries prepared many specialities for this summer. The most alcoholic beer in Prague can be found in ‘Restaurant U Medvidku’ (Na Perstyne 7 street, Prague 1). Their beer called X-Beer contains 12% of alcohol, which is about the same amount like in dry red wine.

A real rarity is a beer ice cream in ‘Richter Pub’ (Bulovka 17 street, Prague 8). Three scoops of beer ice cream with cream on it cost 65 CZK. The ice cream contains alcohol, therefore it’s not suitable for children and drivers. The ice cream is made on cream bases with bitter flavour of beer.

White wheat beer that used to brewed in the medieval times can be tasted in Strahov Brewery (Strahovske nadvori 301 street, Prague 1). Beer made from Bolivian cereal quinoa is tapped in ‘Pivovarsky klub’ (Krizikova 17, Prague 8).