Compact archive July 10, 2007

Professional barman show in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar

Professional barmen in the Czech Republic will show their skills in the final of the 5th Havana Club Grand Prix in Lucerna Music Bar on Thursday 12th July 2007. The best barmen will compete in two disciplines.

The barman show will be accompanied by the music of DJ Pedro Rodriquez and the performances of group Gulocar. After midnight there will be DJ Orion and DJ Mike Trafic with go-go dancers.

The evening programme will start at 18:00 and it will continue until 2:00 in the morning. Tickets are available in advance in Lucerna Music Bar or via and for 140 CZK, but the number of tickets is limited.


Echoes of IFF Karlovy Vary 2007 in Prague

The 42nd International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary finished last Saturday. Several movies shown in the festival can be seen these days in two Prague cinemas Aero (Biskupcova 31 street) and Svetozor (Vodickova 41 street).

Visitors can look forward to Czech hit Empties, then Lucky Miles, Venus, Factory Girls, One Night in a City, Naked Youth and many others. For the programme of the cinemas click here.

The price of the tickets varies from 80 CZK to 100 CZK. Films in cinema Aero are mainly simultaneously translated into Czech, films in the small hall of cinema Svetozor are mainly in the original version and films in the big hall of cinema Svetozor are mainly with Czech subtitles. As several films are with English subtitles, English speaking visitors should pay attention to the legend next to the programme.


Czech people are mainly in favour of euthanasia

According to the latest survey made by SC&C agency for MS DNES, 64% of Czech people are in favour of legalization of euthanasia in the Czech Republic. 28% of people are against it.

The survey is very topical, as one of the member of the Parliament (and a former doctor) Boris Stastny wants to legalize euthanasia in the Czech Republic. He found the inspiration in the Netherlands and Belgium where euthanasia is legalized. Many Czech doctors refuse it.

In favour of euthanasia are mainly young people, people with high salaries, people from Prague and voters of Civil Democrats. Opponents of euthanasia are mainly older people and voters of Christian Democrats.

Bohemia Jazz Fest in Prague these days

The biggest jazz festival in the Czech Republic starts today (at 16:00) in Prague’s Old Town Square, and in other days in Plzen, Prachatice and Ceske Budejovice. Musicians from Chicago, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Prague and New York will play under the sky in historical squares for free.

In Prague festival you can hear ACM Trio, Stepan Markovic & Gulocar, Nils Berg Quintet, Kenny Garrett Quartet, Clemens Salesny Quartet, Subtone, Rudy Linka & Dan Fabricatore and Dave Holland Quintet.

The festival in Prague will be take place in the Old Town Square today and tomorrow. For more information go to the official sites of the festival here.


Rally of veteran cars in Prague

Lovers of veteran cars (as well as motorcycles and buses) can admire old models of cars in the most significant event of this kind in the Czech Republic Retro Prague 2007 that will take place in the Prague Exhibition Ground from Thursday to Sunday.

The part of the event is a traditional 3-day rally of veteran cars that starts on Thursday 12th July at 21:00 in Wallenstein Square (Valdstejnske namesti).

Those who won’t manage to see the historical cars in the streets, can visit an exhibition of veteran cars called Veteran Salon in the Exhibition Ground. The tickets for this event cost only 50 CZK.

And what cars can visitors see? Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Praga, Skoda and many others. The oldest car will be American car Premier Runabout from 1907 and Raf H10 from 1909. Lovers of old buses have a meeting on Saturday 14th July 2007.