Compact archive July 12, 2007

Miss Deaf World 2007 in Prague

Top Hotel Praha (Blazimska 1781/4 street) will be the venue of the 7th Miss Deaf World final that is held in Prague on 14th July 2007 from 19:30. 20 most beautiful deaf girls will represent their countries in four classical disciplines: Catwalk, Swimsuit, Free Discipline and Interview in sign language.

The first year of Miss Deaf World took place in Mallorca in 2001, since then the competition has been held in Prague. It’s organized by Czech Model managements, Ltd. This event should improve integration of deaf people into ‘healthy society’.

According to the ranking at, visitors of the pages would chose Miss China. However, the real winner will be known in two days.


World Cup Skateboarding in Stvanice Island in Prague

Prague will host the Mystic Sk8 Cup 2007, which is a part of WSC (World Cup Skateboarding). More than 200 professional skateboarders from 25 countries of the worlds (including the top skateboarders from the USA, Brazil, Australia and Europe) will compete in three disciplines (streetstyle, vert and best trick) in Stvanice Island in Prague from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th July 2007. The prize for the winner is USD 40,000.

An attractive part of the contest will be a favourite discipline called Bowl. Also women can compete in two disciplines (freestyle and exhibition in vert), the prize for first three places is USD 1,500.

Besides the competitions, visitors can expect a rich additional programme. American Bad Shit and Nihilist or The Egg from the UK have already promise to perform during the contest. Besides that, visitors can look forward to video projections, skateboard movies, a graffiti wall, various workshops and others. For more information about Mystic Sk8 Cup 2007 click here.

Harry Potter in IMAX cinema in Prague

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Fans of Harry Potter are eagerly waiting for the premiere of the fifth movie about this Hogwarts student called Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, which is planned for 19th July 2007.

Besides many multiplex cinemas all over the country, IMAX cinema in Prague will show this movie, but what’s more, the last 20 minutes will 3D, which gives the viewers even a more enjoyable experience.

IMAX cinema is situated in Palac Flora. You can easily get there by metro (green line A, station Flora). Tickets are available for 199 CZK for adults, for 149 CZK for children, for 159 for students and for 555 CZK for families. Updated: The film will be dubbed into Czech.


Beware of infected ticks in the Czech Republic

If you’re going to the Czech Republic and you plan to see besides the popular monuments in the centre of Prague also splendid Czech countryside, we would like warn you against the higher occurrence of infected ticks this year.

Popular tourist destinations for tours are central Bohemia and south Bohemia. Unfortunately, these districts are high-risk area regarding infected ticks. But because more ticks survived the winter due to very warm weather, they can be found in city parks and other “non-traditional” places.

The ticks spread mainly the Lyme-borelliose and the tick-borne encephalitis which can be fatal to an infected person. How to prevent yourself from being infected? First of all, there are several vaccines against encephalitis, but the best time to be vaccinated is in autumn. In drugstores and pharmacies you can buy many insect repellents. But if you still find a tick on your skin, remove it immediately and watch the spot for some time. It’s also possible to send the tick for examination to a special lab.

Bad traffic situation in Prague

If you can avoid driving into Prague by car, better do it. Even though there are less cars in Prague thanks to summer holidays than in other months of the year, the transport situation in the city is rather critical.

One of the main reasons are several road restrictions due to works on the roads. Right now there are workers on the road on Barrandov bridge, on one of the arteries called Jizni spojka, in Kbelska street, Vysocanska street and on D1 near Chodov. Bad traffic situation is also near Letna, because of closed Stefanikuv most and Letensky tunnel in direction to the city centre.

The municipal authorities recommend to leave the car at the large parking places outside the city centre that are marked P+R. These parking places are close to public transport, mainly metro. Travellers leaving their cars at this P+R (park + ride) places can travel by the public transport much cheaper. Special tickets for the parking fee + public transport can be bought just at this parking places.