Compact archive July 13, 2007

Prague awaits tropical temperatures and high level of UV radiation

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute published a warning agains high level of ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation) at the territory of the Czech Republic in the coming days. According to the meteorologists, the UV radiotion will reach the level of the Meditarainian areas.

The high level of UV radiation is related to the dilution of the ozone layer during the weekend and at the beginning of the next week. UV radiation can cause a lot of harm to the skin.

The high level of UV radiation will be accompanied with tropical temperatures reaching up to 36 ˚C (96.8 ˚F). In cities, such as Prague, the temperature can be even higher, warmed up by the heated asphalt and cobbled streets.


Doughnut battles may come back to Prague

After two years of reconstruction, the cafe of Imperial Hotel (Na Porici street) known especially for popular doughnut battles, will be open to the large public again. In the newly reconstructed historical spaces visitors can enjoy their cup of tea and this time with a doughnut for free.

The building of Imperial hotel was built in 1913 – 1914 in Art Deco style. The cafe inside the hotel is decorated with beautiful ceramics mosaics. In comparison with the state two years ago, the cafe will have an additional entrance from the street, besides the main entrance to the hotel. The prices of the food and drink will be affordable to the Czech middle class. The cafe should be open at the end of July 2007.

The cafe is also considering to revive the tradition of famous doughnut battles. According to preliminary suggestions, the battles could take place every Sunday between 14:00 and 16:00.

Are Czech people superstitious?

For many people is Friday 13th very unlucky day. Even though it has been proved by insurance companies that there are more “unlucky days”, many people are still very careful what they do that day. And what about Czech people, who are mainly atheists, and Friday 13th?

According to the survey of Median agency, 72% of Czech people don’t consider Friday 13th as an unlucky day. For many people is no. 13 even a lucky number. Two thirds of Czech people also read horoscopes (especially women), but mainly just for fun.

Psychologist Jeronym Klimes says that if people believe in superstitions, they can easily become uncertain and then make mistakes. Also people who tend to check everything three times, are more prone to be superstitious.

Music festival at Czech castles starts today

3rd year of the music festival that is held in four different places – at four Czech castles – starts today at Tocnik-Zebrak castles near Prague. Visitors can look forward to a Horror Night. Everybody who takes a mask with them will get a nice present.

The festival will present popular Czech musicians at several concerts – on 13th and 14th July in Tocnik and Zebrak near Prague, on 20th and 21th July in Kuneticka hora near Pardubice, on 27th and 28th July in Svihov near Plzen and on 3rd and 4th August in Bezdez.

How to get to Tocnik-Zebrak castles? There will be shuttle buses from railway station Zdice to village Tocnik between 11:00 and 16:00 today. If you don’t have tickets yet, they will be available at the venue for 180 CZK. Sleeping is possible in a tent for free.


Old clothes and music festival in Prague's villa Bertramka

Villa Bertramka Museum of W. A. Mozart and Mr. and Mrs. Dusek seated in villa Bertramka in Mozartova street in Prague holds an exhibition of old clothes there were worn by women in the 18th century. The exhibition is open until the end of July 2007.

Several concerts of classical music will be held in the romantic gardens of the villa under the patronage of Czech excellent violist Josef Suk. The new string quartet festival called “Divertimenta v Praze” will start on 19th August and finish on 26th August.

Villa Bertramka is mainly connected with the name of W. A. Mozart who stayed at the villa thanks to the invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Dusek. There he derived inspiration for several of his works. More information about the villa and the cultural programme can be found here.