Compact archive July 16, 2007

Tram service disruptions in Palackeho square

As we have already informed, due to the maintenance of the crossroad near Palackeho square, there will be large tram service disruptions from 17th July to 31st October 2007 in the sections Moran – Albert and Narodni divadlo – Vyton.

Lines no. 3, 16 and 52 will be rerouted from Moran (in the Charles Square) to Vyton via Albertov. Line no. 4 will be rerouted from Moran via Albertov and Vyton to the stop Podolska vodarna where it will be terminated. Line no. 6 will be prolonged from stop Kubanske namesti via Prubezna stop to Radosovicka loop, where it will be terminated. Lines no. 7 and 21 will be out of service.

Lines no. 10 in the section Andel and Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) and lines no. 14 and 54 will be rerouted via stop Arbesovo namesti, Ujezd and Narodni trida.

Line no. 17 will be rerouted in the section Narodni divadlo (National Theatre)- Vyton via Narodni trida, Karlovo namesti and Albertov. Line no. 20 from the direction Divoka Sarka will be rerouted from Andel via stops Bertramka and Kavalirka to Kotlarka, where it will be terminated. Line no. 24 will be rerouted from Prubezna stop via Strasnicka, Cernokostelecka, Depo Hostivar to ustredni dilny DP loop.

An additional tram line no. 37 will be on service in the peak hours from Sidliste Barrandov – Smichovske nadrazi – Andel – Kotlarka – Motol to Sidliste Repy.

For up-to-date information consult the orange timetable at the stops.


Guitar player Mike Stern comes to Prague

Mike Stern Guitar player Mike Stern comes to Prague to perform together with famous bass player Anthony Jackson and drummer Dave Weckl. These three names will definitely please all jazz lovers.

The concert will take place in the Lucerna Music Bar in Vodickova street on Sunday 22nd July 2007 at 21:00. Tickets are available in advance in Lucerna Music Bar.

The concert is held within the Prague Jazz Week 2007, introducing new young talents as well as stars of jazz music. Lovers of jazz can also go to AghaRTA Jazz Centrum from 17th to 21st July (the concerts start at 21:00) or to the Old Town Square on 22nd July (from 15:00 to 20:00).


Festival Rock For People review

We bring you a detailed review of the biggest festival in the Czech Republic, Rock For People, held at the area of Hradec Kralove airport from 4th to 6th July 2007.

Resume: 3 days, 24 bands, most clothes wet, all pairs of trousers and shoes muddy, sun burnt face – the best holiday in my life!

It’s always been my dream to go to a rock festival. I know that to many of you it isn’t such a big deal but for me it’s never been that easy. There was either no money or no people who would undergo that with me. And so I was ineffably happy when my friend said she would go with me. We bought our tickets about 2 months in advance and before we realized the day D arrived.

[…] The overall organization of this festival that is the biggest in the Czech Republic was impressive. Needless to say, all the 17 thousand people who visited the festival were impressive too. There were no drunken fights, no aggression, no drugs, no stealing – as far as my friend and I noticed. (the whole article)


James Bond will not come back to the Czech Republic

Casino Royal Even though the film-makers of Casino Royal praised the cooperation with local specialists in the Czech Republic, they won’t come back here to shoot the 22nd Bond movie. The reason is very simple: money.

Other countries offered tax relieves. The film-makers will get 20% of what they have invested back. Unfortunately, there are no tax relieves for film-makers in the Czech Republic and shooting is therefore more expensive here.

Among films, that were about to be filmed in the Czech Republic, but finally moved somewhere else are (besides the new Bond movie) also Hellboy 2 with John Hurt and Selma Blair, Watchmen with Jude Law and Billy Crudup or Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and Bill Nighy.


Prague suffers from tropical temperatures

The temperature measured in Prague’s Clementinum yesterday broke the record from 1928. Meteorologists measured 35.8 ˚C (96.4 ˚F), which is by 1.3 ˚C (34.3 ˚F) more than the temperature almost 80 years ago.

The highest temperature measured in Clementinum (the temperatures has been measured there constantly since 1775) is 37.8 ˚C (100 ˚F). Meteorologists warn that today’s temperatures may reach this limit or rise even higher.

Tropical temperatures accompanied with a high level of UV radiation should last until Wednesday. Then the weather forecast predicts temperatures about 20˚C (68 ˚F). People with heart problems should avoid any physical activities these days. All people are recommended to drink a lot.