Compact archive July 17, 2007

Tickets for Harry Potter in your mobile phone

The premiere of the newest Harry Potter film is getting closer – on 19th July 2007. Prague cinemas are doing their best to attract as many visitors as possible. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix will be available 3D in Prague cinema IMAX. Prague multiplex Village Cinemas offers buying electronic tickets via internet and mobile phones.

If you plan to go to Village Cinemas in Andel or Cerny Most, you can chose the seats and print your tickets at home. If you don’t have a printing machine, you can get the tickets by SMS to your mobile phone.

As soon as you have paid the tickets with your credit card, you will receive the tickets contaning a bar code. The tickets can be either printed or, in case of mobile phones, shown to the personel of the cinema. If your mobile phone doesn’t support messages with bar codes, there is an extra code added.


Exhibition of photographs in the Old Town Bridge Tower in Prague

Old Town Bridge Tower Until 31st August you can visit an exhibition of photographs that depicts changing of the statues on the eastern part of the Old Town Bridge Tower near Charles Bridge in November last year.

The copies of the original statues were made in the 1970’s. As the quality of the copies were not good anymore, they had to be replaced with new ones made of cut stone. A unique medieval crane was created for the reconstruction.

The exhibition takes place on the second floor of the Old Town Bridge Tower in the centre of Prague. On the first floor you can see a 18-minute-long film about the astronomical and astrological relations of the origin of Charles Bridge. The film is in seven language versions.


Czech people are third tallest in the world

According to the research of John Komlos of University of Munich, Czech people are third tallest in the world, together with Swedish and Norwegians. With their average height of 177.5 cm (5ft 9.8) they are even taller than their American counterparts who used to be the tallest in the world not long time ago.

The tallest nation from the ranked states are Dutch people with the average height of 181.25 cm (5ft 11), followed by Danish people with 180 cm (5ft 10). Americans with average height of 176 cm (5ft 9.2) are behind Germans and British.

The reason why some nations are taller than others remains for scientists a kind of mystery. It might be connected with diet and health care.

Open-air cinemas in Prague

Open air cinema of the Czech Radio Regina Warm weather with no rain showers is a ideal opportunity to visit one of the three Prague open-air cinemas. The first one (and probably best known) is on Strelecky island, the other two are on Rohansky island and in the garden of Czech Radio Regina in Prague-Karlin.

Open-air cinema on Strelecky island shows mainly art movies. Films are shown every day – at 21:30 in July and 21:00 in August. This cinema is popular by tourists, as Czech films have English subtitles. The tickets cost 100 CZK, students and disabled people have discounts. You can get there from Legii bridge (near the National Theatre). Click here for the programme of the cinema.

The open-air cinema in the area of River City Prague on Rohansky island offers Friday’s and Saturday’s night shows. The cinema is oriented this summer towards the spy theme, movies are shown for free. For the programme of the cinema click here (only in Czech).

To see a movie for 25 CZK is possible in the open-air cinema in the garden of Czech Radion Regina in Hybesova 10 street in Prague 8. Visitors can look forward to popular Czech film Empties, Spider Man 3 and many others. See the programme of the cinema here.


Hot weather in Prague continues

The tropical weather in Prague continues. Yesterday the highest temperature (37.3 ˚C = 99.1 ˚F) measured in Prague tried to attack the temperature record of 37.8 ˚C (100 ˚F) that has ever been measured in the Czech Republic since 1775.

People in Prague suffer from hot weather, as the air is warmed up by the heated asphalt as well. Temperatures inside trams and buses may reach up to 50 ˚C (122 ˚F), which makes travelling rather unbearable. Travellers, who have problems with thermoregulation, are recommended to use metro, where the temperature is constant.

For those who want to go swimming in Prague, there are many options to go. Outdoor swimming pools can be found in Podoli (from metro station Karlovo namesti by trams 3, 16, 17 and 21 to stop Kublov) or in the area of O2 Zlute Lazne (from metro station Karlovo namesti by trams 3, 16, 17, 21 to stop Dvorce). A manmade beach at the Vltava river is situated at Smichov district (next to the Botel Admiral).