Compact archive July 18, 2007

The Horse of Troy in Prague

The Horse of Troy in Prague Cisarsky Island in Prague, situated between Stromovka park and Troja got a new dominating feature – wooden Horse of Troy. It was made by graphic designer and artist Ivan Nacvalac who made his childhood dream come true.

The horse is 9 meters tall. Visitors can see the inside of the horse on 22nd July 2007 when it will be presented to the public for the first time. Instead of soldiers, there will be many exhibitions inside the horse, the first one will show the history of the island on photographs.

The horse was made of 12 cubic meters of wood. It weights 6.5 tons and it can be pulled to another place by 32 strong men. The realization of the project took 3 months.

Reconstruction of historical events in Kuks

Baroque building in Kuks If you plan to visit this weekend other places than Prague, your good choice might be a small spa village in Hradec Kralove Region in the east of Bohemia. Visitors of this lovely place will turn back to the time when noblemen were strolling in the gardens and Count Spork, who founded the main feature of the village – a Baroque spa building, went hunting. To the times almost 300 years ago.

Annual celebrations will offer horse riding shows, old traditional markets, a period army camp, wine tasting, a reconstruction of historical events, a concert of scene and theatre music or big fireworks.

The celebration is held this Saturday from 9:00 to 22:00. Besides the programme of the celebrations, visitors can see the famous Baroque building, the lapidary of M.B. Brown statues, Church of the Holy Trinity and Czech Pharmaceutical Museum.


From Prague district Smichov to Podoli by a new ferry

An opening ceremony started new ferry services that will take people from Smichov to Podoli and back. The ferry is included in the Prague public transport, therefore anyone can get on board with a valid 20 CZK ticket or a long-term ticket.

Children under 6 years old, bikes, prams and dogs are transported for free. Children under 15 years old can buy the 10 CZK ticket. The ferry transports people every hour from 6:00 (at the weekends from 7:00) till 22:00. If the demand is bigger, the ferry will go more often. In case of flood danger, the ferry will be out of service.

Another ferry can be found near the Charles Bridge. It’s more expensive and it’s run mainly for tourists as it is more like a guided sightseeing tour than a ferry.


Shows in Prague Planetarium in English

Prague Planetarium During summer Prague planetarium in Stromovka park offers two shows for English speaking visitors. They can chose from the show “Astrology and Alchemy in the Court of Rudolf II” or “The Night Sky”.

“Astrology and Alchemy in the Court of Rudolf II” will take them to the time of the reign of Rudolf II when Prague was the main European centre of science and art. The show will evoke the atmosphere of that period when people believed in magic and the power of stars. Visitors will also learn how alchemists worked and how horoscopes were cast for the emperor. The show is held every Tuesday and Saturday from 17:00 in the Cosmorana Hall.

“The Night Sky” reveals the most interesting constellations and highlights visible from the northern and southern hemispheres. The programme is accompanied with laser effects. The show is held every Wednesday from 19:30 and Sunday from 17:00.

The tickets cost 120 CZK, no discounts are possible. Individual English speaking visitors will get headphones to follow the show with Czech speaking visitors. Groups of 20 and more people can book the show in English version (without headphones) at

A small tip – the visit of Prague Planetarium can be connected with the visit of nearby Krizik’s Singing Fountain in the area of Prague Exhibition Ground.

Lauryn Hill from The Fugees in Prague's music festival

Fans of open-air music festival held in the Stromovka park in Prague on 27th and 28th July 2007 can look forward to another famous person who promised to perform there – R&B singer and seven Grammy Awards winner Lauryn Hill from music band The Fugees.

Besides the performance of Lauryn Hill, the park will be resounded by the music of Dr. John, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Ricky Skaggs or Courtney Pine. Czech musicians will be represented by Dan Barta, Lenska Dusilova or Yellow Sisters.

The festival will offer many additional activities for both adults and children. Visitors can also try to play side by side the famous musicians in the “jam session” on the stage. For more information visit the official web pages of the festival