Compact archive July 25, 2007

How honest are Prague people?

The researchers of Reader’s Digest conducted an experiment to find out how honest people in 32 cities in the world are. They “lost” 960 brand new mid-prized mobile phones in busy public spaces (30 phones in each city) to see how many phones would be returned.

The researchers observed the mobile phones from a distance by the researchers, rang them and waited. Passers-by either answered the phones, called to preset numbers programmed in the mobile phones or just kept the phones for themselves.

Prague scored eighth together with Helsinki, Budapest, Warsaw, Auckland and Zagreb. Only 7 mobile phones out of 30 were not handed back there. All but one mobile phones were returned in Ljubljana in Slovenia, only 13 mobile phones were handed back in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. 654 mobiles were handed back in total.


First shops on the promenade along the Vltava

Masarykovo nabrezi in Prague Prague has an ambition – to create a splendid promenade along the river like other European metropolises, such as Paris or Berlin. There should be restaurants, cafes, sportscentres, a swimming pool and open-air theatre along the Vltava river from Vysehrad rock to Stefanikuv Bridge.

Even though the construction is going slowly, there are already four stands between Palackeho and Jiraskuv bridge. They offer refreshment, traditional Czech cakes, fresh fruit and Moravian wines. Tomorrow at 15:00 a music band will welcome walkers in Rasinovo riverside.

The shops and cafes will be open from 10:00 to 22:00. The city plans to create fish markets by the river before Christmas. If people get used to going there for fish, the market might stay there temporarily, as there’s no fish market in Prague at the moment.

Underworld at the Electronic Beats Festival in Prague

British band Underworld Last year the Electronic Beats Festival in Trade Fair Palace in Prague brought The Prodigy, this year fans of electronic music can look forward to British band Underworld.

Underworld have made many fans throughout the world thanks to their own style in electronic music. This October they are going to issue a new album called Oblivion with Bell. The visitors of Prague festival of electronic beat in Trade Fair Palace will hear the songs of the new album live.

Underworld will perform at the Electronic Beats Festival on 27th October 2007. Tickets are on sale via Ticketpro. Until 31st August they cost 350 CZK, until 30st September 450 CZK and from 1st October 550 CZK.


Advantages and disadvantage of trams with Porsche design

Tram Skoda T14 design Porsche Many people in Prague admire the new design of twenty new trams Skoda T14. The Porsche design was awarded the best product of 2007 by the Design Centre of the Czech Republic.

These modern trams were constructed especially for the narrow streets of Prague, the price of one tram is 57 million CZK. Porsche trams can be seen on lines 3, 9, 12, 14, 22 and 26. The city of Prague wants to buy 60 of them by 2010.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of the trams. The trams is partly low-floor, modern, safe, with camera system inside the vehicle and with a comfortable cabin for drivers. On the other hand, the trams are too noisy, there is not enough space for the passengers there and the front door can be used only by the drivers (which confuses blind people). The developers are now trying to relieve the disadvantages.


Be the half a millionth visitor of The Hunters of Mammoths

The Hunters of Mammoths exhibition The exhibition The Hunters of Mammoths, that has been prolonged several times thanks to the unceasing interest of people, will welcome its half a millionth visitor today.

The visitor with the ordinal number 500,000 will get nice souvenirs, two tickets to all buildings that belong to the National Museum valid the whole year, plus a coupon in the value of 2,000 CZK valid in all medieval restaurants in Prague. The lucky visitor will also see spaces in the National Museum that are not open to the public.

The Hunters of Mammoths exhibition is displayed in the main building of the National Theatre in Wenceslas Square. It’s one of the most famous exhibition trying to stimulate all senses of the visitors. The exhibition is open until 2nd September 2007.