Compact archive August 1, 2007

Prague Music Festival 2007

Prague summer offer a wide range of music festivals, mostly held in famous Prague monuments and concert halls. One of them, held between 20th and 25th August, is Prague Music Festival.

For the fourth time it will present the works of world famous artists, such as Smetana, Dvorak, Bach, Janacek, Suk, Berlioz or Beethoven. The concerts will be held in the foyer of the Municipal House, in the Spanish Synagogue and in Dvorak’s Hall in the Rudolfinum.

Concerts in the foyer of the Municipal House are for free, the tickets for the concert in Spanish Synagogue cost 300 CZK and in Rudolfinum the price vary between 350 CZK and 600 CZK. For more information about the concert click here.


Long-range weather forecast for Prague (August)

Even though the maximum temperature record was almost broken this July, the weather forecast for August promises a lot of rain and no tropical temperatures in the Czech Republic.

From 1st to 10th August it will be clouded with rain showers or storm. The lowest morning temperatures will be between 9 and 4 ˚C (39 and 48 ˚F), the highest day temperatures between 19 and 25 ˚C (66 and 77 ˚F).

From 11th to 20th August the sky will be clouded. We can expect heavy rains and rain showers. At the end of this period it will rain only occasionally. The temperatures may rise up to 27 ˚C (80 ˚F).

From 21 and 31st August the weather will be sunny. At the end of the period expect more frequent shower rains. The lowest night temperatures will be between 14 and 8 ˚C (57 and 46 ˚F), the highest daily temperature will range between 20 and 26 ˚C (68 and 79 ˚F).


Apocalyptica to perform in Prague's Congress Centre

Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lotjonen, Perttu Kivilaakso and Mikko Siren – the members of instrumental metal band Apocalyptica – will perform in Prague and Plzen on 5th November 2007.

They started to be known thanks to covering heavy metal hits. Now they also play their own songs. Prague and Plzen’s audience can look forward to new songs from their latest studio album they are working on at the present.

The Prague’s concert will take place in Congress Centre (tr. 5. kvetna 65 street). Tickets for the concert can be bought via Ticketpro for 770 CZK (E-tickets are also available).


Main runway in Ruzyne to be closed

Ruzyne airport / Prague International Airport Ruzyne will close the main take-off and landing runway from 7th to 28th August 2007. All planes will have to land and take off from the side runway. That also means that the planes will land from the direction of the city.

It will be already the third closure of the main runway this year. In April a new anti-skid layer was laid on the runway, in June sudden problems occurred with the layer. This time workers will lay the second part of the anti-skid layer.

The airport assured that the closure of the runway will have no impact on the flight timetable. This should be also the last closure of the main runway this year.


Fair taxi in Prague from 'Fair Place' taxi stands

Fair Place taxi stand Prague municipal authorities want to guarantee that if you take a taxi on places marked with a sign “FAIR PLACE” and a dumb-up image you’ll get a fair price and the journey will be safe.

By the end of this week 49 out of 121 taxi stands will be marked with this sign. The municipal authorities will make sure that taxi services at these stand will be permanently good.

As a part of a new campaign, that should improve the situation with overpriced taxis in the capital, there are also 100,000 leaflets printed in 7 languages informing travellers about their rights regarding taxi services. The leaflets will be available in Prague’s hotels, railway stations and the airport.