Compact archive August 2, 2007

O2 SazavaFest 2007

O2 SazavaFest 2007 is a multicultural open-air festival held every year since 2001. It offers concerts of Czech musicians as well as interesting musicians from abroad. This year it’s held from 2nd to 5th August 2007 in Kacov near Kutna Hora (about 60 km far from Prague).

One of the performers at the festival will be British singer Skye whose voice is known from the band Morcheeba. Visitors of SazavaFest can also enjoy Kosheen or Fernando Saunders (bass and vocal with Lou Reed). From Czech bands they can look forward to J.A.R, Monkey Business, Dan Barta and others.

Tickets can be bought via Ticketstream network or printed as a e-ticket at your computer. Tickets can be bought either for one day (590 CZK + service charge) or for the whole festival (820 CZK + service charge). For more info about the festival go to


Nearly five years from the terrible floods in Prague

Floods in Prague in 2002 It’s been almost five years since the catastrophic floods devastated the Czech Republic (August 2002). A critical situation was in southern, central and northern Bohemia, Prague included. Due to the terrible amount of water and probably a human flaw, the metro system in Prague was out of order for several months.

The metro system came into full operation in March 2003. The reconstruction works cost incredible seven billiard CZK. Thanks to this sad experience, the metro system is now protected against “big water” much better.

In most metro stations there are high barriers that could protect the metro from floods similar to the ones in 2002. A new anti-flood plan appoints the manager of the public transport to decide on what conditions the metro should be closed and what to do if the water level rises.


'Ten Minutes' exhibition in Manes Gallery in Prague

Today at 18:00 you can be present at the ceremonial opening of a new exhibition in Manes Gallery near the Vltava river. Manes Gallery will present the works of the Slovak sculptor, painter, graphic designer, photographer and writer Vladimir Havrilla.

According to 64-year-old Havrilla, visitors can enjoy a work of art the most, when they look at it without any disturbances for exactly ten minutes. That’s why the exhibition got the name Ten Minutes.

The exhibition will be held in the Manes Gallery (Masarykovo nabrezi 250) from tomorrow until 30th August 2007. You can visit it every day (except Monday) from 10:00 to 18:00. The Ten Minutes exhibition is held under the auspices of the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg and the Ambassador of Slovak Republic in Prague Ladislav Ballek.


Watermelon Festival in Prague

Melon Festival in Prague 3rd - 5th August For three day non-stop you can take part in the Watermelon Festival in Prague’s shopping centre Metropole Zlicin (metro line B, terminal station Zlicin).

The festival will be held inside the shopping centre as well as in front of the main entrance. The start is at 18:00 on Friday 3rd August, the end on Sunday 5th August. The shopping centre will be open non-stop for the first time.

The festival will offer many activities for both children and adults. Visitors can learn how to prepare delicious food and drinks from melons. Among many competitions held at the festival will be competitions in eating melons, cutting them in exact halves, guessing the weight of a melon, throwing a melon skin at a target, running slalom between melons and many others.


Grobeho villa in Prague opens again

Gröbeho villa Gröbeho villa built in the style of Italian Renaissance in 1871-88 is open again after four years of reconstruction. The villa situated in Prague’s park called Havlickovy sady used to serve for many years as the House of Pioneers and Youth.

Nowadays Gröbeho villa will be used as a education centre of the Ceeli Institut which educates judges and lawyers from countries that have recently turned from totalitarian regime to democracy.

The villa will be also open to the public on special occasions. Visitors can admire the interior decorations and paintings on 22nd and 23rd September when the villa will become the venue of traditional vintage celebrations.