Compact archive August 10, 2007

Americans to make a movie about Princess Libuse

American film makers want to make a movie inspirated by famous Czech legend about Princess Libuse. Princess Libuse lived in Vysehrad and is mostly known for foretelling the glory of Prague.

The director and producer will be Constantin Werner, the author of several music videos and the film Dead Leaves. The main character will be impersonated by American actress with Czech roots Winter Ave Zoli.

The filming of this historical drama will start in September. The film will be shot mainly in the Czech Republic and several Czech actors will also take part in it.


Prague airport was evaluated the best in Central and Eastern Europe

Prague airport Ruzyne Prague International Airport Ruzyne is according to the international survey World Airport Awards the best airport in Central and Eastern Europe. The results have been published by the British company Skytrax that organizes the survey.

The best airport in the world in 2007 is Hong Kong international airport, the seconds and third position is shared by South Korean airport in Incheon and Singapour Changi airport.

About 8 million passengers of 95 nations voted for the best airport. The airports were evaluated in 40 categories, such as accessibility, friendliness of the airport stuff or cleanliness of washroom facilities. The best airports in Europe are in Munchen, Zurich and Amsterdam. Click here for more detailed information.


Treasures of Celtic Women exhibition in Prague

Lobkowicz Palace in the area of Prague Castle holds an international exhibition presenting the latest knowledge about women and their social status in the times of the Iron Age in Europe. The National Theatre, the co-organizer of the exhibition, cooperated with Musée de Bibracte in France a Archäologiepark Wederath-Belginum in Germany.

Archaeologic artifacts are displayed together with written sources and the results of anthropological studies. The exhibits doesn’t show artifacts only from the territory of the Czech Republic, but also from Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary.

The exhibition called Treasures Of Celtic Women – Touches Of Our Past is open in Lobkowicz Palace until 14th October 2007. You can visit it every day except Mondays from 10:30 to 18:00.


One metro station in Prague was partly flooded

Due to heavy rains yesterday the vestibule of one of the metro stations, Hloubetin (line B), was flooded. The water didn’t get from the vestibule to the platforms or the tracks, however it closed the station for three hours, trains were just passing this station without stopping.

The outside drainage system didn’t manage to accept such an amount of water and the water poured down into the vestibule, the water level there was about one meter high. After 18:00 the station was open again.

Hloubetin metro station was not the only station that had problems with water. In metro station Hradcanska (line A) was a large puddle of water. Firefighters had to pump water out of many cellars. Rain is expected in the coming days as well.

Have fun at Letni Letna festival in Prague

If you visit Letenske sady in Prague-Letna from 20th August till 2nd September you may see photographs flutter in the treetops, juggles and clowns on the pathways and many theatre performances on the grass. Letenske sady will host Letni Letna summer festival.

The biggest star of the festival will be one of the best known circus from France Cirque ici. They will perform ten times with their latest show Secret. Tickets for their shows are still available via Ticketpro network.

For those who would like to learn juggling can attend juggle course for free which will be held twice during the festival. Web pages of the festival (here) bring more information for those who are interested.