Compact archive August 16, 2007

Summer Shakespeare Festival will finish with Othello

Othello at The Summer Shakespeare Festival in Prague The second most popular play by William Shakespeare Othello will finish the Summer Shakespeare Festival that is held annually at the courtyard of the Supreme Burgrave’s House in the area of Prague Castle and newly in the Lichtenstein Palace in Lesser Town.

Othello will be played from 17th August until the end of the festival on 14th September 2007. Othello (together with other performances) was very successful last year thanks to great actors’ performances and a special atmosphere enhanced by the historical buildings around.

Visitors can still see the play The Tempest in the Lichtenstein Palace. Tickets can be bought via Ticketpro network or at the venue just before the performance. Read more about the festival here.


Gallery in the train comes to an end

Gallery in the train / Leica Gallery will have to stop its very popular project Gallery in the Train that has been travelling to many towns in the Czech Republic. The reason is simple: money as the main sponsor didn’t give the promised contribution and the gallery is not able to finance such an expensive project itself.

Instead of going to Germany the train will come back to four towns in the Czech Republic (Prague included) so that visitors will have a last chance to see two exhibitions in the train – The Million Dollar Baby and Buena Vista Social Club.

The train will arrive to Prague on 20th September and will leave it again on 19th October 2007. You can find it at Prague’s main railway station. Then it will move to Brno where it will be finished at the fair Invex-Digitex.


Fata Morgana greenhouse will be closed for 12 days

Popular greenhouse Fata Morgana in Prague’s Botanical Garden in Troja will be closed for 12 days due to the large maintenance of plants and the technical equipment.

The closure is planned from 20th August to 31st August 2007. The greenhouse will be open on 1st September at 9:00 again. A new exhibition of carnivorous plants in the Fata Morgana greenhouse will launch on 4th September 2007 (displayed until 16th September 2007).

Until 19th August included you can still visit the exhibition showing large-format photographs of botanical gardens in the world.


New connection Prague-Dublin with Ryanair

Ryanair company plans to fly from Dublin to Prague Low-budget air carrier Ryanair fly only to Brno’s airport now. Yesterday the representatives of Ryanair confirmed that Ryanair will connect also Prague with Irish capital Dublin from 7th November 2007.

The one-way ticket should start at the price of 300 CZK. However, Ryanair is one the low-budget air carriers that charge the checked luggage extra. Ryanair expect about 100,000 customers in the first year on this line. If the line Prague-Dublin attracts many customers, the company will consider other connections.

About one fourth of travellers checked in Prague’s airport use the services of low-budget air carriers that means a rise by 29% in the last 6 months.


New railing on the 'Suicide Bridge' can't be climbed over

Long bridge in Prague-Nusle is known as the Bridge of Suicides. In the first 6 months of this year 41 people wanted to commit a suicide by jumping from the bridge into the valley under the bridge, 3 people really jumped and died.

Therefore, Prague decided for a new railing that would be very hard to climb over. It was installed there a few days ago and a hired climber had to prove that people can’t get over the railing. After 10 trials the climber gave up trying with the words that it’s not possible to climb it over.

The railing won’t deter people who have plan to commit a suicide for a long time and who have prepare for the action, but it should deter people from short-crack behavior. The railing is 1,160 meters long and it’s made of a very expensive and resistant material.