Compact archive August 17, 2007

Tattersalls St. Leger horse race in Prague-Velka Chuchle

Horse races in Velka Chuchle After the summer break the second half of horse-races in Prague-Chuchle will start on Sunday 26th August with the longest classical horse-race of the year Tattersalls St. Leger (2,800m) with the donation of 600.000 CZK. After that there will be 10 other horse-races until the end of the year.

Race-ground Velka Chuchle offers 4,000 seats for sitting and 10,000 places for stading. There is a restaurant and Derby club there. Children can enjoy a horse ride and many other fun attractions at the area of the race-ground.

You can get to Velka Chuchle from metro station Smichovske nadrazi by bus no. 172 which will take you straight in front of the tribune. The races start at 14:00, one day ticket costs 100 CZK (50 CZK for Prague transport season ticket holders) and it includes 20 CZK betting voucher. There is also free entry for visitors under 18 years old. Click here for more information.


Modern architecture in Prague's festival

Schwarzenberg Palace in Prague In September 2007 Prague will host the international festival of contemporary architecture called Architecture Week 2007. The organizers of this festival want to present the current architecture and living environment to the large public through many attractive activities and presentations. Its other aim is to support further urban development in Prague and to promote Czech architecture.

The headquarters of this festival will be in Schwarzenberg Palace near Prague Castle. Many presentations, workshops and exhibition will be placed there. What more, visitors will get there a map on which small flags will indicate which architecturally interesting buildings is good to visit in Prague.

The festival will be held from 17th to 23rd September 2007. If you want to learn more about the festival, click here.


Large flood exercise in Prague in three weeks

Flood barriers along the Vltava river To make sure that Prague is prepared to face a new torrent and that various teams of rescuers are capable to cooperate effectively in case of danger there will be a flood exercise in about three weeks.

The three-day exercise will take place in 6 district of the Czech Republic and the capital city along the rivers Vltava and Labe. The flood exercise shouldn’t affect the daily life of Prague citizens and visitors.

The largest flood exercise so far was held a year ago, on 22nd July 2006. 600 rescuers managed to build barriers around Kampa and Lesser Town in 11 hours.


Open-air marathon of the third season of Lost in Prague

Marathon of Lost in Prague Fans of popular TV seriers Lost may look forward to an extraordinary experience in Prague. A marathon of the third season of Lost will be shown on a large screen in the open-air area of Cisarska Louka in Prague. It’s provided by AXN channel for free.

The marathon will be held at the weekend on 25th-26th August 2007 in the area of the sport centre in Cisarska Louka (trams 12, 14 and 37 from Smichovske nadrazi, stop Lihovar). The show will start at 17:20 until 5:00 in the morning, the second part will start on Sunday again at 17:20.

Our sources do not mention in which language the show will be broadcast, but prepare it might be only in Czech. Also take a blanket with you as you’ll be sitting on grass.

Czech audience has therefore a chance to see Lost, Season 3 in advance, as Czech TV Nova will start the third season on 2nd September 2007.


The closure of Stefanikuv bridge will be over soon

The maintenance works that have closed Stefanikuv bridge and the crossroads near Letensky tunnel and caused many tram service disruptions are over. Trams will cross Stefanikuv bridge again on Wednesday 22nd August 2007.

From Wednesday the tram will go again via Namesti Republiky, Revolucni street, Stefanikuv bridge, riverbank Edvarda Benese and riverbank Kapitana Jarose. It also means the end of buses no. 133 and 207 running via stops Bila Labut, Namesti Republiky and Dlouha trida.

On the same day due to maintenance works in Letenska street will be tram service disruption between Malostranska and Ujezd stops. The disruption will last until 2nd September. There will be an additional bus transport – line X-23.
Update: the bridge will be probably open already on Tuesday 21st August.