Compact archive August 22, 2007

Stefanikuv bridge is open again

The city of Prague finished the reconstruction of Stefanikuv bridge over the river Vltava and finally opened it to the large public. First cars could be seen there yesterday, first trams crossed the bridge today.

Stefanikuv bridge was in a very bad condition. In 2002 it was damaged by floods and it wasn’t so safe any more. The bridge and nearby riverside Edvarda Benese was closed from the beginning of February.

The reconstruction cost 380 million CZK, more than it had been planned. There is no line for cyclist on the bridge and the pavement is not suitable for people on wheelchair as the pavement end with steps near the Letensky tunnel.


Strings of Autumn music festival 2007

Strings of Autumn music festival in Prague

A month before the start of Strings of Autumn, international music festival in Prague, the organizers announced that two concerts have been added due to a large demand from Czech and foreign audience.

This year’s festival will present for the first time Portuguese fadist Ana Moura or American jazz violin Regina Carter. Famous pianist Brad Mehldau will come back to Rudolfinum’s stage.

The festival will take place in many significant buildings in Prague from 23th September to 18th November 2007. The festival opening concert is already sold out, tickets to other concerts can be bought at the Festival Information and Sale Centre at the box office of the National Theatre in Prague. More information about the festival can be found here.


Richard Gere at the Prague's premiere of his new film

Richard Gere Petra Wagnerova from distribution company Bioscop has confirmed that Richard Gere, famous Hollywood actor known mainly from Pretty Woman, will visit the premiere of his new film Hoax in Prague.

The premiere will take place in Multiplex cinemas Slovansky Dum at the centre of the city on 13th September 2007. The tickets for the premiere, however, won’t be on sale. As the actor will come by his own helicopter, it is not clear whether he will be accompanied with somebody.

Richard Gere will probably stay in Pariz hotel nearby Namesti Republiky. He will arrive on 12th September and during his 2-day visit he would like to meet ex-president Vaclav Havel, Prague Mayer Pavel Bem and Miss World Tatana Kucharova.

Updated: Richard Gere has changed his mind. He will not come to Prague. The reason is unknown.

The reform bill was approved

The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic approved yesterday by 101 votes out of 200 votes a new financial reform bill that was introduced by the coalition of the Civic Democrats, the Green Party and the Christian Democrats.

The bill changes dramatically the tax system, introduces fees for medical care and abolishes some social benefits. It should lower the deficit of state budget but the opposition criticize the bill strongly. The opposition also claim that they will cancel the reforms as soon as they return to the government.

The approval of the reform bill is a big success for the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek who was prepared for new governmental elections if the reform didn’t succeed. The reform bill will have to be approved by the Senate and the President now. If it is approved it will be valid at the beginning of 2008.


Precious coins in the National Museum in Prague

The National Museum in Prague is proud to show a unique silver coin from the 14th century which the rulers of northeast Iran used to make on special occasions (births, weddings, coronations etc.). The coin is together with two other precious Islamic coins displayed in the exhibition called The Treasures of the National Museum.

All the coins come from the 13th or 14th century. There are only a few more examples of these coins left in the world. The museum got them from private collectors. You can see the precious coins on the second floor of the main building situated in the Wenceslas Square until 11th November 2007.

The National Museum also displays an exhibition that presents life on Madagascar island. The exhibition is called ‘Madagascar – The Lab of Gods’ and it’s open until 16th September 2007.