Compact archive September 4, 2007

Stars in show jumping are heading to Prague

Show jumping The best horses and riders are coming to Prague to qualify for the Olympics games in Peking and the final in the Cup of Nations. 250 horses and 100 riders showing their best can be seen in the TJ Zizka area in Cisarsky island in Prague from Thursday 6th September till Sunday 9th September 2007.

The races in show jumping start on Thursday with the Grand Prix qualification. Friday’s programme will be devoted to the Cup of the Nations. On Saturday, jumping over a 217 cm high hurdle will bring to the winner a luxurious car. The programme will be ended with the Grand Prix CSOB.

Tickets are still available. The Thursday’s programme is for free, the price of the tickets for the other days starts at 80 CZK. You can come to support Czech rider Ales Opatrny. Or do you have your own candidate?


American singer Prince is allegedly in Prague

Prince is in Prague According to 24 hodin Prince, the star of American funky, soul and rock music, landed on Sunday at Prague international airport. A black Mercedes with V.I.P. sign took him to Mandarin hotel, situated in Prague 1, where he is accommodated. He is accompanied with two bodyguards.

Prince is allegedly in Prague to shoot his new music video. He should be in Prague for several days. Prince doesn’t plan a concert in the coming months, the only performance in Europe this year will be in London’s O2 Arena.

In the coming days you might also meet Hollywood actor Richard Gere and French actor Pierre Richard in Prague.

Most Czech people like their job

According to the new survey made by SC&C agency for MF DNES, 82% of Czech people like their job. More than a half out of 1,295 respondents like their jobs even though they feel they are not paid enough.

29% of Czech people are satisfied with their job and their salary.
The most satisfied people have university degree. People with basic education like their job the least. The most satisfied are people from Olomouc district, the least from South Bohemia. Women and man feel almost the same satisfaction from their, even though women has often lower salaries. In Prague the average salary of women is even 10,000 CZK lower than men’s salary.

According to the psychologist Miloslav Solc, Czech people in general are hardworking, they like varied and independent work, they like to work in their own tempo and methods. On the other hand Czech people don’t like deadlines and they hand over their work at the very last moment.


New exhibition about Masaryk in the streets of Prague

Mr. and Ms. Brikcius's exhibition about TGM [photo] Not so many people like to visit quiet galleries, so what about placing the exhibition in the streets of Prague? That was the idea of Zuzana Brikciusova who decided to prepare an exhibition about the first Czechoslovakian president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk (1850 – 1937) on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of his death.

Black-and-white posters informing about the life of this great statesman and philosopher can be seen on columns in the centre of Prague. Small maps of each column inform about the position of other posters. The exhibition was planned for both experts as well as general public.

If you want to see the exhibition from its beginning (that means from the childhood of Masaryk), go to the corner of Havlickova and Na Florenci street – near Masaryk station. Then continue to namesti Republiky, then to Porici and Ovocny trh. The exhibition end in Alsovo nabrezi and Krizovnicka street.


Police conference in Prague against pickpocketing

Prague will host a conference where the directors of the police from the Central European countries will discuss the problem of pickpocketing. Polish and German police officers will share their experience with fighting this problem with their Czech colleagues.

Prague is presented in many book guides as a city with a high number of pickpockets. However, according to a new study made by the Prague police, there is even a ‘worse’ city regarding pickpocketing and that’s Vienna. On the other hand Munich is very successful with fighting the pickpocketing.

Nevertheless, it is hard to compare the situation in different cities as the legislation differs slightly. What is considered somewhere as a crime (and put in the statistics) is somewhere else considered as a minor offence. The meeting of police directors is held every half a year, and every time it is organized by a different city.