Compact archive September 11, 2007

Tropison Club celebrates four years

Tropison Club in Prague situated on the 5th floor of the department store Kotva in Namesti Republiky is going to celebrate its 4th anniversary on Friday 14th September. The club wants to organize a big party full of Latin-American dances.

The celebration starts at 21:00 and it’s open for both professionals and amateurs. Lovers of Latin-American dances can look forward to the performances of Brazil dance group Brasil Show. Those who don’t master these dances can take mini lessons of salsa, samba and merengue during the evening.

The club prepares a rich programme with refreshment, performances of salsa, samba, carnival, lambada, bachata, afro, orient or rock’n‘roll.


Metal prehistoric lizards in Prague soon

Prehistoric lizard made out of scrap metal in Hradec Kralove [photo asekol] Prague will host a very unusual exhibition. Ten large prehistoric lizards made out of scrap metal will be displayed in Andel (metro line B) from 18th to 22th September 2007. People in ten towns in the Czech Republic are now creating prehistoric lizards out of old electric appliances. All ten lizards will be displayed in Prague and visitors of this out-door exhibition will decide about the nicest one.

The main aim of this project is to draw attention to the fact that old electrical appliances should be recycled. Electrical appliances that won’t be used for the construction of the lizards will be transferred to be immediately recycled.

Prague’s inhabitants and visitors can bring their own old electrical appliances and watch the Prague’s lizard grow in Andel. They can also meet many famous people or take part in several competitions. They can also suggest a name for the new lizard. This project resembles the last year’s project called Scrapman.

Long-range weather forecast for Prague (September)

After really hot weather in July and August the temperatures in Prague right now has been under 18 ˚C (64 ˚F). for many days now. It’s rainy and quite windy. What does the weather forecast tell for the coming days?

The meteorologists expect that the Indian summer should come at the end of September and the beginning of October. The day temperatures will rise to more than 20 ˚C (68 ˚F), in a sunny day even more. However, it’s a long-range weather forecast and it still may change.

From 11th to 20th September it will be cloudy with occasional rain showers. Night temperatures will reach max. 11 ˚C (52 ˚F), the day temperatures may rise to 13 to 18 ˚C (55 – 64 ˚F), in sunny days to 23 ˚C (73 ˚F). From 21st to 30th September the weather will be very changeable. Night temperatures about 11 ˚C (52 ˚F), the highest day temperatures will climb from 16 to 22 ˚C (61 – 72 ˚F). The weather between 1st to 10th October should be sunny, later on with more clouds. Night temperatures will be about 10 ˚C (50 ˚F), the highest day temperatures from 16 to 22 ˚C (61 – 72 ˚F).


Museum and galleries in Prague during September

Kinsky Palace and the House At the Stone Bell With the end of the summer season several galleries and exhibitions will be closed or open again to the large public.

From 11th to 17th September the Chapel of St Anne’s in the St George’s Convent will be closed. Today and tomorrow the National Gallery in Prague will also close the permanent exhibition in the Kinsky Palace in the Old Town Square, as well as the permanent exhibition of medieval art in the St Agnes of Bohemia Convent.

The main building of the National Museum in Prague will be closed due to annual preservation of its collections on 17th and 18th September. On the other hand, the permanent exhibition about Czech Cubism in the House At The Black Madonna is reopen again today.


Meetings with famous authors in Prague

Neoluxor, the large bookstore in the upper part of Wenceslas Square, and the Municipal Library in Prague organize several meetings with renown writers and famous people. We would like to highlight several for you.

On Tuesday 25th September (15:30) you can meet and get an autograph from American author Scott Turrow. He will present his book called ‘Reversible Errors’ in the cafe on the 1st floor of the Neoluxor bookstore.

On the same place but on Thursday 27th September (16:00) you can meet the First Lady of the Czech Republic Livie Klausova. She will present a new book called ‘Lany Chateau – 600 years of history’.

On Tuesday 18th September (18:00) you can meet well-renown Czech writer Arnost Lustig in the Central Municipal Library in Prague (Marianske namesti 1/98). Arnost Lustig is known especially for his stories that take place during the Holocaust. The entrance fee is 30 CZK.