Compact archive September 12, 2007

F1 pilot Giancarlo Fisichella is in Prague

A helicopter carrying a true replica of the model of ING Renault F1 Team could have been seen above Prague – Andel today. The helicopter took the model to the roof of Coloseum restaurant in Andel. The pilot of his model, Giancarlo Fisichella from Italy, arrived in the afternoon.

Giancarlo Fisichella, ranked 8th in the F1 racing series, accepted the invitation of his main sponsor and have come to Prague today to give a press conference, meet the top management of IPB company and maybe, if there is enough time, to visit the department of oncology in the The Motol University Hospital in Prague.

Serge Baudo to become a honourable citizen of Prague

80-year-old French conductor Serge Baudo will become a honourable citizen of the Czech capital. Serge Baudo guested for the first time in Prague in 1959. He cooperated mainly with the Czech Philharmonic orchestra. Their recordings, mainly by Arthur Honegger, have won several prestigious awards.

Serge Baudo was the Chief Conductor of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK. He has enriched the Czech repertory with many French compositions. Now he is a Conductor Laureate. “He is an outstanding person. We think highly of his work in Prague as well as his relationship to Prague,” said about Serge Baudo the Mayer of Prague Pavel Bem.

Among other people that will be awarded by the city of Prague are Jiri Kylian for his work for dance theatre and for spreading the fame of Prague abroad, Jiri Demetz who documents the relationship of the Czech, German and Jewish culture in Prague and Ruzena Masova who saved her neighbour’s live while risking her own.


Gott Gallery Restaurant opened in Prague

Karel Gott Famous Czech singer Karel Gott, the idol of many women and girls for several generations, has opened a new restaurant in the centre of Prague. The restaurant is called Gott Gallery Restaurant and you can find it in Spalena 29 street (metro station Narodni trida).

For the ceremonial opening Karel Got invited famous Czech singer Lucie Bila and current Miss World Tatana Kucharova. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with permanent exhibition of Gott’s painting that are on sale. The whole restaurant is in Art Nouveau style.

The restaurant offers a rich menu of meals including vegetarian meals. Visitors can buy many types of wine (or special vermouth with Gottland label) and many souvenirs of their favourite star. If they are lucky, they can meet Karel Gott personally. The capacity of the restaurant is 60 places, on special occasions even 100.

Girls From Room 28 exhibition

Yesterday Prague’s Geothe Institute in Masarykovo nabrezi opened an exhibition called Girls From Room 28 (Devcata z pokoje 28) that tries to present the concentration camp in Terezin during the WWII. The exhibition of pictures and written documents is open until 22nd September 2007.

Several old ladies who survived as small girls the sufferings of the concentration camp met in Terezin yesterday to remember the hard times in their childhood, to refresh their friendships and pay tribute to those who didn’t survive.

The exhibition has the same name as a book by Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick. The book contains mainly authentic diary notes from 1942 – 44 by girls interned in Terezin concentration camp. Only 15 out of 60 girls from room no. 28 survived.


Prague's vintage festival 2007

All those who like young wine and good entertainment can visit the 11th Prague’s Vintage Festival that will take place in Havlickovy Sady in Prague on 21st and 22nd September 2007.

Visitors can look forward to 5 kinds of young wine and to performances of fencers, jugglers, singers of pop music or large fireworks. Visitors can also see the interiors of newly reconstructed Greboho villa in Havlickovy Sady.

Young wine and goodies from pork meat can be tasted from today until Sunday in O2 Zlute Lazne in Prague-Podoli. On Friday there is also a medieval market in Namesti Miru (metro line A).