Compact archive September 14, 2007

World Press Photo 2006 in Karolinum

It is for the 17th time that the prestigious World Press Photo exhibition comes here to Prague. To see are those made in 2006. The shots will be displayed in Karolinum.

The winner of the 2006 photography is the nowadays often displayed shot of young high-class Lebanons, driving in a convertible in Baghdad after bombing.

The Prize of Prague (Cena Prahy), goes to a sport picture. It was given away by the Mayor of Prague, Pavel Bém, who is a great sportsman himself. It is the shot of the well-known Zidane’s header performed at the World’s cup in Germany. The picture cronique of humankind events is possible to see from Monday to Friday since 9 to 19. The entrance fee is 3 €; 90 czk.


Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague

Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague The influential congressman Ellen Tauscher arrives to Prague today, being the fright of Czech and American government as well.

The opponents of the Radar base in the Czech Republic see an ally in her person, even when it is not completely true. And she is basically a vixen for the backers of the anti-missile shield in the middle Europe, denying everything. But that is not completely true, too.

Ellen Tauscher initiated partial cuts of finances that administrative of G.W. Bush proposed this May. The U.S. Government. wanted to invest 310 millions of dollars, but E. Tauscher cut 160 millions off it. Another 85 millions were cut by the senate during the approval.

Since may, both governments have assured us about money coming back to the project after approved. The approval is still a hot topic in the Czech Republic, the radar system being criticised as unnecessary. However, according to specialists, the anti-missile system at military vessels is not sufficient for inside the continent.


Freddie Mercury's stamps album is in Prague

The organizers of the Collector Trade Fair that starts today at the Prague Exhibition Ground can be proud of many collections that visitors may see at the fair. One of them is also an album full of stamps owned by the legendary singer of the Queen Freddie Mercury.

The album in a blue cover has been borrowed from the British Post Museum in London. It will be displayed in the Czech Republic for the first time on the occasion of the trade fair. The value of the album is estimated to eight thousand pounds.

The album was bought by the British Post Museum from Freddie Mercury’s estate in 1993. Freddie Mercury collected the stamps during his stay in Zanzibar when he was still a child. Even though there are not so many stamps of great value, it contains stamps from the former Czechoslovakia.


Don't underestimate old Czech ladies..

Do you know how to behave in metro? Do you know what’s the etiquette when using the public transport in Prague? We have picked a lovely article for you that might tell you more about the “right behaviour” in Prague.

I moved to Prague almost a year ago and I am proud to say I have not driven a car since I have been here. The “California Girl” in me is bitter, but the rest of me is quite pleased. There has been no reason to drive a car. The public transportation system here rocks – and rocks hard…like Bon Jovi. It’s really the best I’ve ever seen.

So, although I prefer to walk this lovely city, I shall now tell you how to avoid certain mistakes whilst using public transit. There is a system of etiquette here in Prague. If you don’t follow it I will glare at you from the Metro platform. You have been warned. (read the whole article).


Buquoy Palace in Prague is opened this Sunday

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days that will peak in Prague this weekend, the French Embassy in Prague decided to open its seat, Buquoy Palace situated in the very heart of Lesser Town (near Kampa Island) on Sunday 16th September 2007.

Every visitor has a change to see the interior of the palace which is normally closed to the large public. The palace was built in 1736 – 1738 and it has served as the French Embassy in Prague since 1919. It’s considered to be the pearl of Baroque architecture in Prague.

Visitors can admire large staircase decorated with a bust of René Descartes, the music hall, where W. A. Mozart used to play or the dining room where François Mitterand met Vaclav Havel and other dissidents on 9th December 1988.

The palace will be open from 10:00 to 17:00. The entrance to the palace is from Velkoprevorske namesti 2.