Compact archive September 20, 2007

JAPAN NOW 2007 …now! In Akropolis

JAPAN NOW 2007 in Prague It is for the first time that the long-expected Japanese project JAPAN NOW comes to Prague. It has been admired by the audiences of Germany, Switzerland and Poland so far this year.

In short, it is an exclusive European exhibition of the contemporary Japanese performing art. Stages are opened for happenings, site-specific projects, dance, contemporary drama and graphic art, led by Japanese artists living in Europe.

Moreover, 49 dancers, performers, musicians and artists will reinforce their lines, and introduce their artistic production in Europe for the first time. The possibility to see this unique performance is in Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Praha 3, during 23.–25. September 2007.


Explosive Roman Signer and his Travel Pictures in Prague

Iceland, 2005 © Roman Signer source: The legendary world pyromaniac Roman Signer is going to show his abilities as a photographer, in Gallery Langhans, Prague. The shots displayed are those that he carefully selected during his lifetime, and they concern about ready-made situations, or, absurd constellations from around the world, reflecting the fact good art springs by itself, the only necessary thing is to see it (and/or make a shot)

Part of the exhibition is formed by Signer’s punk or absurd poetry of solving problems by explosions. The performances (Aktionen) made him famous. He submerges himself in a kayak, for instance, then uses explosives to saw it into seven pieces, or sets it upright in an oil drum. He also has a black ring of smoke escape from an exploded aerosol can and catapults a stool out of a hotel window using an elastic band.

If we consider the fact he will soon be seventy, he is full of explosive energy that we can wonder at Gallery Langhans, Vodickova 37, Prague 1, from Tuesday to Sunday 12 – 6pm, until 11th November 2007.


Roger sanches tonight 20. 9. 2007 in Mecca

Roger Sanchez playing a set at Pacha, July 2006 New Yorker Roger Sanchez is a popular house DJ who has scored many hits in European and World Charts.

His last album Release Yourself features series of hot tunes and hot beats. Sanches defines it like this: “The Release Yourself mixes remain a true reflection of what is going on on my dancefloors. The party mix has taken on more modern electronic elements, as have my sets, while the pre party side now incorporates even more variety within its deeper sounds.”

In 2004, Sanchez won his first Grammy Award for ‘Best Remixed Recording’ for his remix of No Doubt’s “Hella Good”. Roger sanches tonight 20. 9. 2007 in Mecca.


Srotozemstan - WEEE man competition in Prague

WEEE saurus prague Srotozemstan is the second event of this kind in the Czech republic; the main mission is to inform about the necessity of ecological processing of used electrical appliance.

Czech Srotozemstan was inspired by English WEEE man, the robotic statue, that was created by Paul Bonomini in London. The idea is to transform trash into art sculptures.

There were used all the old electronic devices, that were given away to the recycle containers at Andel. Old fridges, vacuums, computer technology, audio and TV systems, any of the devices that should not end up in regular trash.

The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday 12th, and since any passer-by could watch both Srotozemstan growing, and the accompanying programme. There are also music, recycling workshops, and kids programmes, and those are going to continue at Andel until 22th September 2007.

Now it is up to us, to vote for the best one. We can vote here and we can even win a prize.


Prague Periphery in Photography

Jan Reich, cycle: Prague. source: Jan Reich – the photographer of Prague

The magic of Prague periphery from 60’s and 70’s of the last century is possible to admire at the picture exhibition called Disappearing Prague (mizející Praha) in Prague City Museum at Florenc. Some of the 122 black-and-white art photographs depict places that the time swept away; the wooden walls at Holesovice, where the citizens of Prague used to write and paint, the little boats at the Libensky island (Libeňský ostrov), the color of gas lamps and ancient tramways.

Reich was born in Dejvice, but his domain was the area of old Holesovice with the nearly-ruined houses, factories and riverside. There are cars and folks deliberately missing in these pictures – the life can only be felt, but not seen. For anyone interested in Prague in art photography, made by a devote artist, at this exhibition you can see the Prague that is no more.

You can enjoy the dissapeared Prague in photograpy until 11th November.