Compact archive September 21, 2007

Prague Vintage Festival Starts Today 21.9.2007

vine days in prague The traditional Prague vintage festival starts today! What is to be seen? Actors, performances of fencers, jugglers and singers and much more. This is a traditional occasion that is very popular in Prague, as we are famous for our liking of alcoholic drinks. Part of the performances is the arrival of the ‘royal family’. Charles IV was the most popular Czech king, who really took care about Czech matters, and launched, among others, Czech wine tradition.

The main celebration will be at Jiriho z Podebrad. If you like the contemporary music, you shouldn’t miss the Hudba Praha (Music Prague) music group, that start at 19.30 Clou is going on stage at 21. Namesti Miru is going to change into a medieval square as well, and you can have various medieval delicacies there. The final performance is going to be a fireshow at night.

Celebrations will be held on Saturday too, at Jiriho z Podebrad you can be watching fencing and jousting.


New observation path near Prague Castle

Deer Moat near Prague Castle Deer Moat is a lovely green place near Prague Castle that not so many tourists know about. Tomorrow morning the First Lady Livia Klausova is about to reopen a observation path leading from the Deer Moat to Masaryk’s view point.

The observation path offers an untypical view of Prague Castle and it’s situated in the more far-off parts of Prague castle gardens. It was created in 1922 – 24 and it was framed with wine reminding old vineyards near Prague Castle that used to be there in the medieval times.

The old path was replaced by a new gravel one. It is the winning design a student of architecture, Jan P. Vlcek, in a competition initiated by Livia Klausova in 2005.

Hammer and Sickle and Jail

no communist propaganda in CR Czech senate supported the amendment that forbids the usage of communist symbolism, like the hammer and sickle, and also communist propaganda. According to senators, the left-wing extremism is of the same dangerousness as the right-wing, but still, it is legal in the Czech Republic.

Our country has now, almost twenty years after the revolution, on-going problems with its past. Thanks to the fact that lots of public figures endured in important posts with a communist past not only slowed down our development, but also made the ilegalization of the politics, that killed 170 million people in the last century, impossible.

Nowadays, at the time when it seems that people start to forget how bad the system actually was and vote for the communist party again, better late than never comes the law amendment. The public use of hammer, sickle or a red star is to be punishable.


Prague Connections Available on Phone

SMS tram and metro info in Prague People traveling in Prague by means of urban mass transportation can try a very new service, starting 22th September. In the setting of the 110th anniversary of Prague MHD, those interested can use SMS for getting schedule information.

Prices of SMS messages are derived from mobile operator tariffs. Anyone can send a message on the number 724 850 928, in the form: zisXXXX.X, where X represents numbers of individual stations, and one can check out the departures. There are for example I.P. Pavlova, Karlovo Namesti, Andel, Staromestska, Hradcanska or Palmovka. If you are interested in detailed information, you can find it here.

Prague transport company (DPP) also makes an Open doors day on Saturday; three usually non-accessible buildings are going to be connected by a special and free bus line. Those are Klicov garage, Hloubetin depot and the new station of underground (metro), Strizkov. With its 110 year MHD is trying to perfect it’s customer service.


Utukku warned against dangerous behaviour on the roads

Figures in white overall with a tyre print on their back were spread on ten most dangerous roads in Prague yesterday to make pedestrians and drivers realize how dangerous they sometimes behave in the traffic. This event was a part of the European Week of Mobility that takes until 22nd September.

Utukku, the symbolical victims of car accidents, drew attention to pedestrians who crossed the street in a dangerous way. They were copying their mistakes and painting white footsteps on the road. They were also handing out leaflets warning about the growing number of injured pedestrians in the streets of Prague.

Utukku is an old name for spirits of dead people coming back to this world. This word comes from Syrian and Egyptian mythology. Utuks in Prague were seen in front of the National Theatre, in Jana Palacha square, Charles Square, I.P. Pavlova or Vitezne square.