Compact archive September 24, 2007

Kotva versus Palladium

palladium in prague - new mall 07 It will soon be possible to shop in a new supermarket complex at the Republic square (Namesti republiky). Let’s make a little comparison with the old one.

The old supermarket, Kotva (Anchor), at Namesti republiky, built 1970 – 1975, was supposed to became a symbol of richness and plenitude of socialism. It was the biggest supermarket in the former Czechoslovakia. However at the end it showed the exact opposite – thanks to the usual supply problem most of the time the shelves offered only gaping emptiness. According to the author’s opinion, the only people who go to Kotva nowadays are the Russians, and most of the store offers only over-priced leather goods.

Palladium has been built for about 5 years, the work was slowed down thanks to the fact the whole center of Prague stands on archaeological sites. It was build in a shell of a historical building, with new basement floors. This way, it didn’t make any harm to the face of Prague, as we know it. It comprises of office and dining facilities along with Prague’s largest inner city parking garage. It was built not only as a center of commerce but also as a lively retail anchor and meeting point. The selection of shops was based on questionnaires, filled in by 1500 locals, to assure to fulfill the needs. Not burdened by the communist past, Palladium is a new and fresh place for our shopping. Opens on 25th of October.


Prague Airport Privatization

Prague Airoprt boeing 737.jpg Airport Prague and Czech Airlines are going to be sold next year. Our Minister of Finance Miroslav Kalousek stated that the state is not supposed to carry business, businessmen are. The Government has exact figures of how much is the price going to be, however they are not going to pronounce it publicly.

The same situation is with the case of Czech airlines (CSA). Money from the sale are going to be used for the necessary retirement reform and part of the profit is going to the Traffic fund. According to speculations, the exact price should vary between 60 – 70 billions CZK (2 – 2,3 bil. €). Other billions are coming from the Czech Airlines, however it’s economy is now in minus, and it’s possibilities for improvement are depend on a reform, as it’s flight ticket are four or more times expensive than those of the other Czech companies.


Girl in Pink Dress worth 400 000 €

Jan Capek Girl in Pink Dress Cubist painting by Josef Capek “Girl in Pink Dress” (Devce v ruzovych satech) painted in 1916 was sold by action for 12 million of CZK (400 000 €). It is the piece of art that sold for the second biggest amount of money in the Czech Republic. Last year, Capek’s painting “Leg bath” (Koupel nohou) was sold for 9,3 millions of CZK.

Prague Blocked by Cyclists

More than 2500 cyclists went on a protest route from Old times Square and by the expressway to Jana Palacha Square yesterday. This annual action attracts more people every year, as they are driven to participy by the unchanging conditions for cycling in Prague. Compared to other cities of the EU, Prague cyclo-ways still evokes early stages of the development. The reasons for this situatin are for example hilly location of Prague and narrow streets often unchanged in their dimensions from the medieval times.

“It is not supposed to be an action of pressure. We don’t have anything against cars.” Was emphasized by the organizators from Auto*mat initiative. “What we want is a possibility to drive a bicycle. Here in Prague we don’t have enough cyclo-ways.”

At the end, we give you 2 of the basic principles, on which basic Auto*Mat initiative stands; Auto*Mat is a project aimed at making our city safer, healthier and more lively. Auto*Mat wants to transform Prague from a city that today mainly accommodates car through-traffic into a city more favorably inclined toward life.


Czech tennis team stays in the Davis Cup World Group

Three days of matches in front of the sold-out Sazka Arena in Prague found the winner of Davis Cup playoff between the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Czech team finally won 3:2 in the final score against Swiss team headed by World No. 1 Roger Federer.

On Friday Radek Stepanek lost with Roger Federer, while Tomas Berdych won over Stanislas Wawrinka leaving the score the Czech Republic – Switzerland 1:1.

On Saturday Czech players Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek managed to avert a match point in the third set of the doubles against Roger Federer and Yves Allegro and gained a significant point for the Czech team.

Roger Federer became the winner of Sunday’s thrilling match against Tomas Berdych. Radek Stepanek took care of the third point for the Czech team in the match against Stanislas Wawrinka.