Compact archive September 26, 2007

Ex-Depeche Mode Alan Wilder, Saturday in Prague

Alan Wilder in Prague Greetings, fans of Synthpop and New Wave! Do you have the feeling that there is not enough music events, that would fit your liking? What if we told you that you have the unique chance to meet Alan Wilder, here in Prague? And to let him sign your Recoil CDs? Sounds good, isn’t it.

The programme of Retro Music Hall is handled by three Djs, so you can look forward for the production of Recoil, Depeche Mode, EBM and other electronic genres.

And for those who don’t know Recoil, it is the musical venture of ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, for which he writes the music and invites various guest musicians to write the accompanying lyrics and perform them on the record. The vocal parts are either sung or performed as spoken word pieces. The lyrics often deal with the dark side of human nature.

Retro Music Hall, Francouzska Street 4, Prague. Club opened since 7 pm, party starts 8 pm. Tickets – 200 CZK


Beat Apetit Concert Prague – First Beatbox CD in CR

Beat apetit debut in Prague Debut of the first beatbox CD on the Czech musical scene; featuring: Jaro Cossiga, Fany@Nasty, Beatburger Band and Czech Beatbox Allstars.

Beatbox performer and music producer Jaro Cossiga features the beatbox occasion of the year. Numerous special and very special guests not only from the Czech Republic are going to make beats the whole night long.

Beat Apetit record was made in cooperation of prominent Czech beatbox performers Fany and Nasy, together with Jaro Cossiga, who is, as the sole European, a member of the most prestigious American beatbox group – Beatboxer Entertainment N.Y.C. The record was published by DaSkaRecords and Studio Bathroom and is composed of various sounds, that these three are able to produce by their mouth.

Archa Theater, Na Porici 26, Prague, the show starts at 8pm. Free CD with the ticket. Ticket: 225 CZK


Crystal March

right-wing extremist's shoes According to the municipal authorities of Prague, it was impossible to chancel the march in Jewish town. Officially, it is supposed to be “a protest against the participation of the Czech Republic on the occupation of Iraq” Hoverer, Hospodarske noviny (Business news) found out the organizers are well-known right-wing extremists.

The demonstration is legal in the declared form, but we can only guess, what is going to go about on such a date. 10th November is notoriously known as the date of “Crystal night”, when in 1938 Germany large numbers of jewish synagogues, holy places or even regular houses were destroyed and/or burned down. The crystal in the name reflects the mass of valuables stolen and broken. Dozens of jews were killed and ten thousands ended in concentration camps.

Prague municipal authorities are going to proceed in the manner of overseeing whether there is a law-breaking and taking an action if yes. In this case the right-wing extremists found their way how to disguise their will so they won’t break any law.

The march will go through those streets of old Jewish town: Brehova, Maiselova, U Stareho hrbitova, Siroka, Zatecka and Platnerska and Franz Kafka square. 150 participants are expected to come, according to the organizations.

Less time for Prague Traffic jams

The tramway clousure at Paladskeho namesti in Prague is going to take less time than planned originally. The managers of Prague Public Transport (MHD) Martin Dvorak and Ludek Dostal announced. The work is going to progress faster, it should be finished on 8th October.

The other step are construction works at the cross-overs of Karlovo namesti. But the traffic colaps, that came as an outcome of repairs at Paladskeho namesti, became a deterrent example of how not to handle our ever-growing metropolis traffic. The heads have learned their lesson and so nearby Karlovo namesti is going to be under construction only during weekends. If you plan to go in October through Karlovo namesti, involve a delay into your plan, then.

According to the print report the shortened therms were decided by the mayor of Prague Pavel Bem


Moscow Patriarchal Choir in Prague

Drevnerusskij Raspev – choir tradition of Old Russia 26th and 27th of September, Moscow Patriarchal choir Drevnerusskij Raspev – choir tradition of Old Russia is going to take us into the bewitched world of old Russia liturgy tradition.

Drevnerusskij Raspev is formed by a dozen of male singers – the set number for small churches of old Russia. The choir is the only ensemble that concerts about detailed musicology research and musical practice of orthodox liturgy at the same time. And also the only one, that is able to decipher and reconstruct old manuscripts.

“The ensemble started to concert in 1987, the first concert for general public took place in the Small Hall of Moscow conservatory. The director was in shock, when he saw us in our clerical wear.” Its conductor and founder Anatolij Grindenko depicts the choir beginnings. In 80’s he belonged to the first propagators of historic music in Russia. We must realize that at that time it must have been something of a missionary work, because religious tradition was suppressed by the communist regime.

This world unique performance you can see and hear at Ceske muzeum hudby, 26th and 27th September, within the frame of Strings of Autumn (Struny Podzimu), starting 7,30pm. Ceske muzeum hudby is placed in Karmelitska 2, Prague.

If you want to know more, you’ll find it here