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The Cure in Prague on 21th February

The Cure concert in Prague is on 21th February, Sazka Arena, in Interkoncerts production. On 21st February 2008 The Cure are once again performing in Prague. Their performance will be possible to see and hear in Sazka Arena, as they are on their European tour. It is for the 4th time we in Prague can welcome those legends.

The group with the original name Easy Cure was formed by the charismatic singer Robert Smith. Only the guitarist Port Thompson from the original formation stayed in until now; their contemporary mates are the drummer Jason Cooper and the bassguitarist Simon Gallup. The debut album Three Imaginary Boys came out in 1979. In the following decades it was followed by other records, as Faith, Pornography of Caterpillar. Music of The Cure forms the background for movies, such as The Crow or Judge Dredd.

The Cure concert in Prague is on 21th February, Sazka Arena, in Interkoncerts production.


Testing the Sirens

sirens - build by the communists as a propaganda tool, are usually silent, which we appreciate As George Orwell puts it; “To see what’s in front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle” and we have to agree with him. Like in this case, when an American blogger Julia finds how weird can be something, we all take for granted. Let’s find out, what lurks in Prague for an un-prepared Southener.

The first time I heard them go off, June 1999, I was working in our office alone, skipping lunch. The noise was deafening and I thought Prague was under attack. It wasn’t something you could ignore, so I climbed to the cat walk on top of our building and looked out over the city and down the highways heading out of town, wondering how fast I could get to the nearest metro in case anything really was happening, wondering how Will and I would find each other in the melee.

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Olympic Games in Prague, Fact or Fiction?

On September 5th, the Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem together with the President of the Czech Olympic Committee Milan Jirasek signed the letter in which they applied for candidature for organizing Olympic Games in 2016. Is it an unreal dream or a good and achievable idea? The Czech nation is riven. Some people believe that Olympic Games could make the Czech Republic visible and that we can make a profit on it. On the other hand there are opinions concerning corruption and economic collapse. We will write some informations about this “big action” for you to make your own opinion.

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Joe Cocker comes to play for us in Prague

Joe Cocker comes to present his new album Hymn for my soul on 12th December to Prague. This charismatic British singer is called “the father of white soul”. He will play music from his new album and also songs which made him famous.

So come and see this rock legend in Sazka Arena in Prague. Buy the tickets in Sazkaticket and Ticketrpo. Prices range from 790 CZK (26,3 €)to 1290 CZK (43 €).

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Interested in winning a digital camera in Prague?

Ákos Sass, from metro competition global challenge If you are a tourist coming here to Prague, or an expatriate, it doesn’t matter. What is important is, whether you are able to interpret “Colors of my City” by a photography, or not.

The contest is organized by Metro newspaper, and to participate is easy – all you have to do is to make a shot, send it to the web, and to hope to win a NIKON D80 in the ‘Local Winner’ contest.

The 5 most popular photos, as voted by the public and a panel of judges, will win a prize. If this is your case, you can win even more in the contest ‘Global Winner’ where you compete against photos from all over the world.