Compact archive October 4, 2007

Tina B. Festival of contemporary art in Prague

Tina B. Tina B. enters the main part of this year’s festival volume. Videos, music and digital installations are to be presented together with performances of more than 70 artists from over 15 countries; mostly Czech, German, Korean, Italian and American.

The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Central Europe’s latest international contemporary art event, strives to combine the creative energy of the cultural scene in Central and Eastern Europe, with emerging talents and trends from around the world. The festival is held under the auspices and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague.

From the events we choose two for you;

Mobile Video Art
Those are installed in the screen-glass of Prague Laterna Magica, on Narodni trida street. You can see short videos, that were filmed by mobile phones, given to the artists by the organizers. The theme is: “Intimate life in a global village” the main platform is the webpage

Lapidarium Project
The project is based on confrontation of classical statues, that are permanently exhibited in Lapidarium, with installations of Czech and Italian artists, that present contemporary art.

Tina B. Festival goes until 20th October. If you are interested, visit he webpage


Float on Music Styles with David Sylvian, in Prague

Float on Music Styles with David Sylvian, in Prague David Sylvian is an English singer, musician and composer who first gained attention as the lead vocalist and songwriter in the band Japan. His subsequent solo career has been influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres including jazz, ambient, electronic, and progressive rock.

During his activity in the band Japan in the 80’s it was him, who invented a new romantic way of music. After Japan, he cooperated with other musicians, like R. Sakamot, with whom he made music to the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, or with famous guitarist R. Fripp, whom he converted to funk and more aggressive attitudes.

David Sylvian combines ballads, electronic and romantic pop, his rich discography is diverse with experiments, based on instrumental sections or ambient installations, which he gets to “mythical” perfection. His last album is called When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima, and he introduces it on 10th October in the Prague theater Brodway, Na prikope street 31. More info at:

Based partly on: EX

The Best Premises in Prague

According to this year’s contest, organized by Prague 1 City Hall, the best commercial premises situated at Prague 1 are:

The best Restaurant in Prague: Kolkovna, V kolkovne street.

The idea of the Kolkovna restaurant was to create a unique environment with an inspiring and original atmosphere that would link the best of the Czech brewing tradition and Czech cuisine adapted to the requirements of a modern day life style. This has been achieved thanks to the liaison of the Kolkovna Group and Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurants. The idea of the project is to offer a unique, uniform and harmonised interior style and food, not to mention the excellent quality of Pilsner Urquell beer.

Apart from the traditional Czech food and beer specialities, international cuisine and culinary specialities are available. For example, a roast duck served in a roasting pan is worth a mention. The Restaurant can seat 150 guests inside, 90 guests in the cellar premises and 50 in the front beer garden that is open in summer till 22:00. One can enjoy the atmosphere of this historical place and Pilsner Urquell lager every day between 11:00 and 24:00.

The best Shop in Prague: Maso, uzeniny (meat shop & smokehouse), Jindrisska 32.

The best Services in Prague: Pradelna Na Starem Meste (Old Town Laundry), Rybna street.

A Million € ? Easy to Steal, Easy to Spend.

David Borkovec, a former employee of Prague 1 city hall, confessed he have stolen 34 millions CZK (1,1 millions €) over the last 9 years. His method was so simple a child could do it.

Working as an officer, his monthly salary was 18 000 CZK (600 €) (that is close to the ordinary salary of 20 000, the Czech Republic applies the politics of low salaries and low prices). He didn’t complain about it. He lived a very modest life – his biggest leisure hobbies were Sokol training (athletics) and writing of fantasy books, which have actually been published and red. He lived in a small flat and didn’t even buy a car.

What was his trick? It worked like this: he opened an account at the same bank as the city hall he worked for, and put its number into the form, instead of the city hall number. When a company wanted to rent a public space, they sent the rent to his account. This has been working just fine for the past nine years. Fatal for his enterprise became this years’ audit, that doesn’t have anything in common with his defraudations.

The police suspect him that almost the whole amount remains hidden somewhere, because they find only 2 millions CZK yet. What happened to the other 32? “It was easy to spend” Borkovec answers plainly. The maximum number of years he can spend in jail is 12. And concerning the repayment? “I will repay something. Definitely not the whole amount, that is impossible, but something for sure.”

Vltava Promenade Closing up for Winter

Vltava Promenade As we informed you before, there is a large project going on by the Vltava river, that should, by 2010, change the face of the right Vltava bank into something common in other cities of Europe like Paris or Berlin; into a promenade, where it is possible to relax, eat, or shop.

The whole project started 10 years before, by an expensive reconstruction of the whole bank. As a result, it nowadays shines with gray stone, and it is decorated with art benches and other details of functional art.

Prague lies in the area of temperate climate, which means that you can enjoy walking in your shorts on such a promenade in summer, but it will be covered with snow in winter. So, Vltava promenade officially announced closing yesterday. For the next year, there are new stands already prepared, and we can look forward for ‘series of events’. Prague definitely knows, how to make the life more colorful for its citizens.