Compact archive October 15, 2007

Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation concert in Prague

Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation concert in Prague In the era of overproduced Pop and electronic DJ superstars, the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation (RSJF) keeps it real. Taking the music of the sixties as a starting point, they start where others have left. But be careful! The Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation is NOT a retro band in any perspective. Armed with drums, bass, guitar, piano, organs, and a wide range of horns, the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation has been refining their mix of Ska, Jazz, Rock-Steady, Reggae and Soul over the past seven years.

The Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation has recorded an EP single and two full length studio albums. All released on the Grover Records (Germany). Their latest album ‘Sunwalk’ is recorded by Max Bolleman at his famous Studio 44 in Monster, and is recently also released in the United States by Megalith Records. Furthermore, their music appears on various sampler CD’s and LP’s throughout the world. However, the best way to experience this lubricated off-beat locomotive is live on stage. Let the intricate melodies and harmonies of the horns and the steady grooves of the rhythm section seep into your system. Rocking Ska-Jazz with a rough edge. Check out this Motiv Loco live! Don’t worry about a language barrier, let the music of the Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation do the talking.

Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation concert in Prague within the XXXI. International Jazz Festival Prague 2007,
27th November, Rock Café, Narodni Trida, Prague


Prague Nights, Prague Nights!

If you are thinking about coming to Prague for the first time, and you are looking for one article to sum all the (legal :) joys that evenings and nights in Prague offers, you should go for this one: Experience Prague during the evening, which does it in nice and decent way, like in this sample:

A beautiful historical city in the heart of Europe offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed after the sunset. You can enjoy your dinner in one of Prague’s fabulous restaurants, have a drink in a bar near the Old Town Square and spend the night dancing in a fancy club. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of Prague’s castle, National Theatre or Charles bridge while strolling in a historical district in Prague 1. An evening boat ride on Vltava river will become an unforgettable memory.

And we just add – if there is more of a clubber inside of you, check this out: Prague Clubs.

Prague ZOO Baby Gorilla TATU is a Boy

tatu is a boy It was very hard to find sex of the new baby gorilla Tatu, as it is not possible to see simply by eyes. It took some time, before they found a suitable faece for DNA analysis. And the result? It’s a boy. With 95% probability.

The exposé of the 4-months old baby gorilla sex was one of the surprises of the evening, prepared for the baptizing ceremony. The honoree got a basket full of presents; foot ball, plush monkey and a wooden car for instance. The car was the biggest success at the end.

Lucie bílá, the godmother of the gorilla baby wished him to have a family, just like his father Richard. When Tatu grows adult, he will have to leave the ZOO, as his older sister Moja. Male gorillas have to go to their new packs in their 7th or 8th year, females in their 6th or 7th year.

Number of wild gorillas gets smaller every year of approx. 7%. The reason is rainforests getting smaller, and numbers of poachers, hunting them for meet. The number of gorillas living in captivity is approx. 1000 worldwide. “Each baby gorilla is worth of gold, and we are happy we can help” says Prague Zoo manager Fejk.


Czech Republic Cannabis Discussions - Decriminalize or Not?

Penc propagating marijuana Discussions of specialists about cannabis use in the Czech Republic has been opened once again.

The initiator was Stanislav Penc, a member of Strana Zelenych (The Green Party). According to his words, the contemporary laws criminalize too many people for nothing.

He made a leaflet where he, in an exemplary way, stands in a cannabis patch with a legend: ‘Healthy living, Free thinking’.

In his opinion, every society has its drug, in our ‘civilized’ one it is alcohol, especially beer. Thousands of people get drunk every day, every Friday hundreds of thousands, and every second family ritual can’t go without alcohol, where are so very often kids present.

He adds that politicians who now, or some other time, fight against marijuana should realize, that when because of their own ineffectiveness to solve economical, ecological and pension reforms the whole county will go into poverty, marijuana as the most easily made drug will replace alcohol in its position.

European cannabis laws And now, a cherry on the cake: There may be discussions in our country, but the in-a-sort-of-way official (it is everywhere on the Internet) European document made by cooperation of many servers from various countries (server was the initiator) shows the Czech republic as a ‘decriminalized’ country (click for enlargement). ‘Large amount’ of cannabis may be still illegal, but the practice differs.


Battles of Prague Letna Constructions

Approximately fifty skater boys demonstrated on 14th October 2007 against the project of the giant oceanium at the place where huge Stalins’ statue used to stand. They are protesting against the massive commercial building taking away from them one of the few places of Prague, where it is possible to do this sport. And it is probably the only large place, where they can skate for free, and do not brake any law.

Patronage for this action were taken by the Strana Zelených (The Green Party) as this party fights not only against the oceanium building, but against the Sparta stadium changing into the biggest Czech football stadium, against the Blob library and criticizes the construction works of the city beltway. Letna is one of the few places in the city center, where is still some grass and trees. Yet.

Oceanium with eight hundred sea creatures, stadium with 40 thousands places/seats and tunnels with 1300 parking spaces. Ambitious projects are prepared to change our Letna into another commercial zone, but this time at the upper place that is seen from the rest of the city. In other words, the massive oceanium is to stand as a kind of castle, and prove to us all, that communism with all its symbolics (huge Stalin’s statue) have been replaced by aggressive capitalism (enormous oceanium). Is there just a possibility for an open discussion? Vaclav Havel, the ex-president and a symbol of the Velvet Revolution have, with other 1500 people, signed a petition “Save Letna”. They demand Letna question to be open: “It is a matter of wider national, expert and political discussion.”

Development of Letna is nowadays very interesting to watch, and for anybody interested it is indirectly an independent scale of our democracy. If there is not a place for Blob, which was legally chosen and could bring profit of education to all of us, will there be a place for oceanium, which will, at the place, take a significant part of our park away, and bring profit only to few elite persons?