Compact archive October 23, 2007

The Best of Support Lesbians

support lesbians in Prague roxy Support Lesbians is a Czech music group. It should be said, they are male-only group. Why did they choose such a name? They say they wanted to provoke a little, and also to help the situation of Czech homosexuals. As a matter of fact, nowadays same-sex marriages are quite normal here, but two years ago it was considered impossible (and it was illegal). They probably just enjoy the flushing that follows them, anytime somebody introduces them and read the name of their group.

They started playing in Prague clubs in 1992, this year they plan a return to their roots. Support Lesbians have been on stages of the Czech music for 15 years, and they made lots of famous songs, like Sweet little something, You Are My Star, In Da Yard or English Stereo. 18 of these songs are now placed on their album called simply Greatest Hits 1993 – 2007.

If you would like to listen, how the Lesbians bring off concerts, you should visit any bigger Czech festival (where they usually are), or you have a chance in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, on 20th of November 2007.


Shop for left handed in Prague

shop for left handed in prague If you are left-handed, and going to Prague, it may be good for you to use the constantly profitable exchange rates of the Czech crown, and to do some shopping. Where? In the special shop for left-handed.

It is in Krizikova 109, Prague 8, and it is the only left-handed shop in Prague. Even when almost every 10th person is left-handed, office equipment that would fit him/her in work, for instance, weren’t sold in Prague. Where is the difference? For example, a ruler starts at a higher number, or a kitchen knife has a blade on the opposite side.

The first company ordering these stuff was, according to the owner, Microsoft CR. And you can check the shop here

One Closure ends, the Other Starts

traffic jam in prague Starting tomorrow, the usual traffic can come back to Paladskeho namesti (Paladskeho square) in Prague. Thanks to Pavel Bem’s lobby on Proznak constructions it is more than a week before the set term. Paladskeho namesti (Paladskeho square) was jammed since September, and there was a traffic jam every day.

Starting 24th October, tramways 3, 4, 10, 14, 16, 17, 52 and 54 go on their normal lines. Reconstruction of Karlovo namesti (Karlovo square), as we have informed you before, will be a little experiment. For the first time in the history of the metropolis there will be construction works during the nights. By this solution, the traffic should be limited for just a few days.


Astronomical Clock of Prague has Mysterious Problems

Staromestsky Orloj (The Old Town Square Astronomical clock), that is one of the greatest sights of our metropolis, admired by millions of tourists every year, has a serious problem – the walls of the ground floor are growing steadily wet, independently of rain.

The Prague Office and The National Institute for Heritage Preservation are struggling for months to find out whether the rising humidity interrelates with increasingly frequent malfunctions of the clockwork.

The ground floor walls of Staromestsky Orloj, 600 years old clock, didn’t grow wet until quite recently. Why? That’s a mystery even for Otakar Zamecnik, the Prague ‘orlojnik’ (the Astronomical clock specialist who inherits the function from his father, which has been going on for centuries now) who comes to control the Astronomical clock every week. “The dust from the falling plaster rises up, and when it reacts with bearings oil, they can stuck. The clockwork can stop, and that foretells no good” (last time it stopped in 2002, and devastating floods inundated Prague afterwards)

The National Institute for Heritage Preservation took samples of its plaster and they hope laboratory tests would relieve the mystery. According to a legend, when the Orloj stops, there are bad times coming to Bohemia.

What was the reason? Read on.


Petrin funicular back to track

petrin funicular On Monday 28th October, Petrin funicular goes back to track. It wasn’t possible to use it since 15th October because of the routine check. It ends on Sunday 27th, and since Monday 28th October, 9 am. it goes according to the schedule.

petrin funicular in first half of 20th century Petrin funicular is a funicular railway in Prague. It links the Mala Strana district with the top of Petrin hill. The funicular has three stops: Ujezd (at the bottom of the hill), Nebozizek (the middle station) and Petrin (at the top of the hill). According to Czech legend, the name of the middle station stems from an incident in which Emperor Charles IV, requesting food, was unable to properly pronounce the Czech words “nebo řízek” (meaning, “or schnitzel”). – the word Nebozizek means diminutively one of types of auger.

petrin funicular clockwork in first half of 20th century The funicular has the following technical parameters:
Length: 510 metres
Height: 130 metres
Maximum gradient: 29.5%
Cars: 2
Configuration: Single track with passing loop
Track gauge: Standard (1435 mm)
Capacity: 100 passengers per car
Traction: Electricity

For more information about the Prague funicular click Here