Compact archive October 30, 2007

Less High School Students Tried Marijuana

Meanwhile five years ago 30% of asked fifteens had experiences with marijuana, last year it was six percent less, according to the Drug report of 2006 which was given by the Ministers yesterday.

The file says the number of narcomaniacs didn’t grow past years. Official numbers of addicts to Pervitin (Czech name for methamphetamine) and opiates are 30 200, a number similar to past years.

For the last year only, the state invested 363 millions of CZK (12,1 mil. €) to anti-drug policy projects. Other 140 millions (4,7 mil. €) were donated by regions and cities.

First concert of 50 Cent in Prague

Current number two of American rap is comming to Prague within the scope of his European tour (he didn’t cancel his tour, just moved it for two months). Tickets for his performance, which is going to take place on 21st November in T-mobile Arena, are on sale.

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Harlem Gospel Choir concert in Prague State Opera

harlem gospel choir The world-famous gospel choir, cooperating with the biggest stars of the world of music is coming back to the Czech Republic after its great successful last year.

Harlem Gospel Choir is comming to Prague on 1st November 2007 with their World Tour 2007 – God Bless The Children.

Last year, Harlem Gospel Choir’s visit to the Czech Republic was something like a “trial run”. Gospel music has never had a tradition in this country and its music scene, so no one expected the choir to have such a success at the local audience. However enthusiasm and euforia which accompanied the whole Czech stage of the choir’s tour could not escape the attention of the Czech press and other media. All tickets were sold out for every tour’s stop and the choir performed something unexpected.

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Will Viktor Kozeny ever be convicted?

“Viktor Kozeny won’t be given to the USA to be judged there” That is the verdict of the Bahama supreme court of this Wednesday. And we weren’t very surprised, because Kozeny’s history is a history of scams and tricks.

Just for the case you have never heard of the most famous Czech thief, who in the early ’90s ran one of the greatest scams of the post-Communist era; Viktor Kozeny is by the media often called “the pirate of Prague”.

Viktor Kozeny During the Communist regime, it was common for the state to steal companies from its citizen and to ‘communize’ it. When the Communist regime fell, the solution of this situation seemed in the so-called coupon privatization. In this enterprise, Czech state assets were supposed to be handed over to Czech citizens through a system of coupon vouchers, which could then be used to buy shares in companies.

This later appeared quite rush, as there was insufficient system of control at the time. Mutual funds were founded, most successfully the one started by Kozeny: ‘Harvard Capital and Consulting’ (Kozeny gained an economics degree at Harvard University, than he decided to simply steal the name).

Kozeny used the fact Czechs became gullible during the past era, and offered them 1000% rate of return on investment. Only this fact seems incredible from today’s point of view, doesn’t it. Harvard Funds bought shares in a number of companies, stripped assets and transferred the money abroad to offshore tax havens like the Bahamas. This scam turned out to be a huge success for Kozeny and his cronies, who allegedly stole millions of dollars from investors in his funds.

During the next decades, he repeated this scam and invented other, usually abusing obvious imperfection of post-communist countries and his perfect genius, and making additional billions. The ‘American scam’ because of which he should be delivered to the USA, was based on US investors handling their money to him in Azerbaijan, (over $400 million in total from clients such as AIG and Columbia University) and he escaping to Bahamas afterwards.

Will he ever be given to the US justice? It’s doubtful, because of his obvious intelligence and his level of possession. Will he ever be given to the Czech justice? Improbable. Unlike the United States, the Czech Republic has no extradition treaty with the Bahamas.

And will the investors see any of their money back? The courts have frozen those of his accounts they know about, so he could later pay off his debts. Kozeny claims that he lost everything in his past three divorces.

Die Happy concert in Prague

Die happy in Prague Die Happy is a German hard-rock band. The group was founded in 1993 by Czech singer Marta Jandova and Thorsten Mewes. Even though the band is based in Germany, their songs are written and performed almost exclusively in English.

They are going on European tour with their new album called No Nuts No Glory. During their tour they make 8 stops in the Czech Republic, 4 times with Czech hard-rock group Divokej Bill.

With “No Nuts No Glory”, Die Happy has managed a surprise where the title is the motto: The band has dared to set off on new paths, where the emphasis is on pure rock music far removed from squeaky clean MOR with guitars.

7th November 2007, Prostor Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague. Tickets at Ticketportal, 290 CZK (10 €)