Compact archive November 12, 2007

Results of Prague Neo-Nazi march

skinheads The capital city of Prague had gone through the biggest police maneuvers in the past seven years, since the IMF meeting in 2000.

Two hostile groups, anarchists and neo-nazis. The result? Dozens of injured, hundreds arrested, hundreds of confiscated weapons and police expenses worth 15 millions CZK (500 000€)

More than 1600 policemen detained 396 citizens in total, 96 of them from other countries. Eva Brozova, Czech Police speaker informed 200 individuals did some offense. Three persons are charged with an attack on a police officer.

The right-wing radicals originally wanted to march thought the Old town Jewish town. However the synagogue was reached by just a few of them, as they were scattered by police forces. In the moment they were in smaller groups, they found themselves encircled by the police and ‘secured’. Confiscated weapons include clubs, knives, tear gas pistols or petards.

There were few street fights, usually of small groups. Concerning the speaker of the Czech neo-nazis, Petr Kalinovsky, one would say he got what he deserved, as he was attacked at a site close to Rudolfinum and even when he fired two times at the (anarchist?) attackers by his tear gas gun, and he was beaten black and blue. (informed

This Saturday, the neo-nazis were visibly outnumbered. Media informed of 400 of them moving in Prague. Mostly Czech, but also Slovak and German. 1000 anarchists arrived against them. Those skinheads who have somehow reached the center become a target for the anarchists groups. In the evening hours some anarchists, probably frustrated they haven’t found any neo-nazis, attacked police officers and were arrested.

The interior minister Ivan Langer announced the police managed the action excellently. Deputies of the neo-nazis want to sue the leader of the police action.

Based on Lidove Noviny


Maceo Parker Prague Concert

Maceo Parker (born February 14, 1943) is a noted American funk and soul jazz saxophonist, best known for his work with James Brown in the 1960s. Parker was a prominent soloist on many of Brown’s hit recordings, and a key part of his band, playing alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. Parker’s rhythmic and rapid playing style draws on the earlier innovations of be-bopper Charlie Parker (no relation), and Cannonball Adderley, mixed with Brown’s own innovations in funk music.

Lucerna Music Bar, Vodickova 36, Prague 1. Start: 21:00


Christmas on Ice, ice skate show in Prague

Christmas is connected to snow and ice, and this can be a chance to enjoy Christmas symbolism in a very esthetic way. The numerous ensemble is led by Katarina Witt.

Katarina Witt is a German figure skater, has two Olympic gold medals and recieved Emmy Award for her role in a movie.

Her famous guest would be Jozef Sabovcik. He won European Championship once and has a bronze medal from Sarajevo Olympic Games. He is great at rock&roll and at very high jumps. He has lived in USA for 20 years now, but he is originaly from Czechoslovakia.

They will present their solo programmes, enriched by special figures. Supposed to create two hours of fun for the whole family.

If you want to see this spectacle come to T-Mobile Arena on 18th December. Tickets are available in Ticketpro chain outlets and they cost from 295 CZK to 1195 CZK (9,8 – 39,8 €).

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New play by Vaclav Havel

vaclav havel smiling - the play is finished We waited 18 years for a new theater piece by Havel, and now it is possible to buy it in Czech bookshops. There has been a lot of buzzing around it, and as there is still some time left before the play could be seen, we can expect it to go on. His play is on the programme of theater Na Vinohradech in the end. Vaclav Havel’s new play is called Odchazeni (Leaving)

In the center of the play is a Havel’s typical indecisive, even weak intellectual, put in front of an important moral decision. Odchazeni is a story of a man leaving a high-ranking political position. The dilemma is, unlike in most of Havel’s plays, down-to-earth – the problem is simply the ex-politician leaving ‘his’ politic villa. What does Havel say about autobiographic-ness of the play?: “I think some journalists or viewers may try to see it that way … but I started writing this play back in 1980’s.”

On the other hand, Vaclav Havel admits that years in the presidential post provided him with various situations and motifs. Especially with new possibilities, as we can read phrases such as “…by that, we would increase employment, which would decrease unemployment.” Havel was always a master of a phrase damasking. For whom was the play written? Havel:

“… Odchazeni was written, just like my previous plays, for anyone interested and willing to come and watch … my pieces have been staged all over the world for all kinds of audiences.”

Odchazeni is being translated into English and other languages.


Public transport fare increase in Prague

Prague mayor Pavel Bem does not agree with the proposal of raising fares, suggested by the Prague Public Transport company(MHD).

For example a transfer ticket should cost 30CZK (1€), compared to today’s 20 CZK (0,6€) and a yearlong ticket 5800 CZK (200€). Pavel Bem : “The proposal is acceptable neither for me, nor for Prague City Hall”.

MHD proposed those price increases without consulting the city deputies, even when the owner of Prague MHD is Prague city itself. There is a ‘last minute’ debate set up on Tuesday.

If the council decides for the MHD proposal, the price of a base ticket will be higher than i.e. New York 22 CZK (0,73€) or Budapest 24,6 CZK (0,85€). More than one Euro is paid in Barcelona (1, 2€) or Paris (1,3€). The most expensive fare of the world is in London: 135,5 CZK (4,7€).

If we exclude Budapest, monthly wages are, compared to Prague (700€), three times higher.

What’s the result ?