Compact archive November 13, 2007

Prague in Danger of Violence Again

Neo-nazis just won’t give up. When their demonstration, where they wanted to commemorate Crystal night pogrom, got great opposition of anarchists and ‘active citizens’ (probably contrasted to us, passive citizens) they decided to make another gathering on 17th November. When their fascistic, xenophobic and simply hateful and what’s more, officially forbidden assembly on 10th November got ridden down by the police, they decided to make a new one on Paladskeho square, this time they want to ‘condole death of free speech’. This is not a joke.

It wasn’t funny this Saturday, people got injured and the whole world watching Eurovision could see evil truly is a natural product of men, as Goldwing always pointed out. 1400 policemen in the streets cost us 500 000€, otherwise Prague would simply change into a battlefield. But according to the neo-nazi heads, the police have intervened (sic.) early and unnecessarily, they abused their competence and limited their personal freedom. And they hired a lawyer and want to sue! Just because the police didn’t let them celebrate Jew holocaust in Jew town. Well…

The problem with their demonstration on Paladskeho square on 17th November is, Paladskeho square is a Hyde Park of Prague so it is not necessary to have a permission to assemble.


DJs of Magical Merry-Go-Round concert in Prague

Dj Drastics magical merry-go-round Electronic music you can dance to and enjoy. Magical Merry-Go-Round offers different genres of electronic music. Electronica, Trance, D’n‘B, Minimal, Techno, Hardtech.

If you like softer, slower sound it is better to come at the beginning, as the music gets progressively harder hour by hour. The show usually has an intermezzo – live set of drummers, just to make it more colorful.

This Friday, 16th November in Club Bazina, U klubu 30, Prague. If you like electronic music, you like Magical Merry-Go-Round, because it has 5 DJs, each representing a different style. Their vinyls are ready for you.

Music samples here


Prague Public Traffic tickets mark up

Price increase of the Prague public transport fares takes place at the end of 2007. Transfer tickets, which MHD (Prague public transport company) originaly wanted to cost 30 CZK (1€) are going to cost 26 CZK, from present 20 CZK. public transport ticket prague It is a compromise variant, which was negotiated by Pavel Bem, the councilman for traffic and the leader of MHD.

Pavel Bem said the proposal was not acceptable for him and Prague City Hall, when it was announced. As Pavel Bem is a member of the ODS (Civic Democratic party) the opposition disclaimed Prague citizens won’t pay that much and rather use their cars.

Prices in the Czech Republic increase by the speed of light, but salaries… Read the Big Mac comparison


Screaming and shouing disco-punk of Trash Fashion (uk) comes to Prague

trash fashion The regular night Plastique in Prague club Radost FX (Happiness FX) features British quartet music group Trash Fashion, well known for their impressive live performance.

Their music is is a combination of various styles; disco, dance, rock, rave, emo, hardcore and punk. Their catchy sound is said to gain ovations of the audiences. They became a part of wider cultural consciousness thanks to their first single Rave Dave (2006).

Radost FX, Belehradska 120, Prague 2. Friday 16th November 2007, 22:00 Plastique (cz) + Trash fashion (uk)


Prague riverside in center gets a bikeline

the bikelines should go around the DAncing House of Prague The capital starts to work on re-paving of Vltava riverside in center, so cyclists could use it. The present historic paving with pebbles is for mountain bicycles only. Construction works and material cost more than 13 millions CZK, (464 000€). The problem is, the long and expensive reconstruction of Vltava riverside, that cost 40 millions € and ended in 2006, didn’t take a bikeline into account. So now in 2007 some pebbles have to be plucked up and replaced with the smooth line.

The unsatisfactory state was produced mostly by bad communication among The National Heritage institute and the Cyclist Traffic commission : “To build the bikeline there is a good idea, but 13 millions is quite a lot, especially at the time money is the main argument, why not to build new bikelines.” It is the same situation as this spring, when at reconstruction of Stefanik bridge the City Hall forgot about cyclists, even when they pledged the opposite.


Big Mac got More Expensive in Prague than in US

big mac more expensive in prague than in us Not an agreeable surprise for fast food lovers, however quite an objective economic indicator.

It results from the comparison made by Mf Dnes in the way set up by The Economist. The idea is to collect prices of Big Macs in different countries and use them as a base for estimation of exchange rates.

Ten years ago, Big Mac cost 51 CZK, which at that time when one dollar cost 27,60 CZK was about 1,85 $. In the US the 200g burger cost 2,36.

At the end of 2007, price of that mastodontic burger is 63 CZK. In the US it is, according to latest figures, 3,41 $, and as one dollar costs 18,30 CZK now, that makes 62,40 CZK apiece, less than in the Czech Republic.

We have caught up with the US in the price, but salaries are a different thing. A new employee of the CR branch of Mac Donald’s earns 0,85 of Big Mac an hour, in the US it is for the same job 2,59 of the burger.