Compact archive November 14, 2007

Christmas comes to Prague

christmas decor First light bulbs of the festive decorations are appearing in the streets of Prague. The first city part to introduce light-bulbs and other symbolic decorations is Prague 4, and its 14 most frequent streets.

Christmas trees are going to appear, as each year, in front of churches and city halls. As each year, the biggest tree, many stances offering mull and presents, together with concerts and thematic performances, are going to be at Old Town Square.

This is the first day, when Prague got covered in snow this year.

Prague Public Transport company announces Changes

More expensive tickets are not the only innovation, planned for the next year. Earned money are to be used for shorter intervals of the underground or more frequent bus connections to Prague suburbs.

What will be the main upgrades of Prague public transportation?

  • Underground intervals much shorter, all trains go the whole way
  • 29 New tramways with Porsche design, 30 new tramways of secret design in 2008-2010
  • New Metro (the underground) station in Letnany
  • Electronic card system Opencard before long

The tickets will get more expensive in Prague. About how much?

new tramway, illustration photo Single ticket: 60mins (Mon-Fri) / 90mins (Sat-Sun)
Adults: 20czk 26czk Kids: 10czk 13czk

Single limited transfer ticket: 20mins on trams / 30mins in underground
Adults: 14 czk 18 czk Kids: 7czk 9czk

24 hour ticket
Adults: 80czk 100czk Kids: 40czk 50czk

Tickets are available to purchase at metro stations, newsagents and Prague tourist information offices.

The same tickets are valid for travel by underground, trams and buses. Tickets must be validated before travel by punching it in the orange machine, located at the top of Underground escalators on the metro or inside the trams and buses.

I want to know more about Prague Public Transport


Threaten Czechs with terror, Call themselves RAF Branch: H.O.A.X

The king is naked, Bruno Gibert. To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle We informed you earlier about the return of Red Army Fraction. According to the latest news from Lidove Noviny web, it was a hoax.

The ‘speaker of Czech RAF’ Pavel J. Hejtak sent e-mails to various institutions, informing about preparations for an attack against American forces in the CR.

Later he sent explaining e-mails, where he announces the ‘RAF action’ was a mystification, a part of the marketing campaign for his book.

His apologies did not get sympathies of a court expert for extremism Miroslav Mares: “The way of the book advertisement is a problematic one, it can be a case of a statutory offense.

The police takes interest in RAF Czech branch mystification from the beginning, now the speaker of criminal police Pavla Kopecka informed Lidove Noviny the anti-extremists police will investigate, if this can be classified as a crime.

Nathan, uk R&B singer concert in Prague

Nathan uk rnb Club Radost FX presents “Rico Birthday Jump off” with a very special guest Nathan (uk). Special appearance birthday set by DJ Fingarz & DJ Big T (uk)

Nathan is a British R&B singer, most famous for his top 40 hit single Come into my Room, which was released on V2 Records. He has since released three other singles, including Round and Round, which received a limited release in late 2005 and Cold as Ice in 2006, a promo only single. His latest record label Do Without my Love was released on 12 March 2007.

You can hear him in Prague, Saturday 17th November 2007 at Soul Train, Radost FX Club, Belehradska 120, Prague 2.


Threaten Czechs with terror, Call themselves RAF Branch

RAF Logo This article later appeared to be a hoax
RAF, Red Army Fraction became the cover name for a group of individuals, protesting against the American Radar in the Czech Republic. Even when the German para-military group officially ceased to exist in 1993, their name can still evoke fear. And really – they promise explosions, murders and violence.

About the seriousness of their intentions spoke Pavel J. Hejatko, known as an anti-American activist, for them; “Take us seriously. Don’t wait until casualties appear – at that time it will be too late” The attacks are supposed to come at the moment the first American solider enters Czech land. What’s their megalomaniac long-term plan? “… to mercilessly annihilate everything American, especially population, culture, all the military equipment … socialization of funds and usage of all means necessary in favor of Slavonic folk.”

RAF activities in the Czech Republic are being inspected by BIS (Czech security information service) at the moment.

The Red Army Faction or RAF was one of postwar West Germany’s most active and prominent militant left-wing groups. It described itself as a communist “urban guerrilla” group engaged in armed resistance, while it was described by the West German government as a terrorist group. The RAF was formally founded in 1970. The Red Army Faction operated from the 1970s to 1993, committing numerous crimes, especially in the autumn of 1977, which led to a national crisis that became known as “German Autumn”.