Compact archive November 15, 2007

Regina Carter unique jazz violinist concert

Regina Carter by Bill Phelps Regina Carter (b. 1966) is an American jazz violinist. She began as a classical violinist but became increasingly interested in jazz , and is considered one of the finest violinists in the genre. She is the cousin of famous jazz saxophonist James Carter.

Carter attended Cass Technical High School with close friend, Carla Cook, who was enthusiastic about jazz, and introduced her to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald. Carter received a degree in music from Oakland University and studied at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston before forging her jazz career.

This Afroamerican belongs to the big world jazz stars. The sole fact that the concert of her quintet concludes this year of festival Struny Podzimu (Strings of Autumn) speaks of high quality of the performance.

A woman of jazz, who cooperated with such names as Cassandra Wilson, Wynton Marsalis, Richard Bona or Dee Dee Bridgewater.

Dvorakova sin Rudolfina (Dvorak’s hall in Rudolfinum), Alsovo Nabrezi 12, Prague 1. 18th November 2007. Tickets here.


The first Primary School for Gifted in the Czech Republic

gifted class Education in the school for gifted is based on individual approach to students. The school for kids with extraordinary intelligence and talent accepts students according to psychological tests. It has 15 pupils at the moment, eight in the first class and seven in the mixed class. The ministry of Education have allowed the total number of students to be 80.

The founder Stanislav Svoboda struggled for three years to open the school as the Ministry didn’t want to enable it. The project was officially permitted in September, and it opens now, in a new building. It can provide education for the first five classes of primary school only, though. The schoolfee is 2900 CZK/month (100€)

The pupils attending the school for gifted understand, according to their teacher Mastalirova, most of the things automatically, without necessity of explaining. For example, the second class, after seeing two examples of multiplying logically knew, how to continue. That ables them to use their time for projects – right now they are preparing presentations of ancient Greece and Rome.

Events prepared for this Saturday 17th November 2007

800 policemen have to take care of the new neo-nazi demonstration in Prague. A group called Autonomy nationalists have announced they are going to do a pivotal gathering and ‘condole death of free speech’. They have chosen the date of 17th November – The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day, that made possible for former Czechoslovakia to get rid of the totalitarian communist regime in 1989.

There is going to be a ‘supervisor’ at their demonstration – an officer of the City Hall, prepared to disband the meeting, and so allow the ‘robocops’ to do their job. The special police forces did good job the last time, when they achieved to hold part of the neo-nazi outside Prague, and in Prague outside the center.

On 17th November, there will be other street events as well. On Wenceslas square, ‘No Radars’ initiative has a meeting by the horse against the US radar in the Czech Republic. At Mustek, there is a ‘Commemoration of Consequences of the Velvet Inconsequences’ and on Narodni trida, a ‘Commemorative Gathering to Democracy Preservation’.


The contest of National Library was regular

The expert commission of lawyers, that is supposed to solve law problems of the new National library had their second meeting.

The first concrete verdict: “Most of the members of the committee have found the architectonic contest conformable with international rules.” That means from the law aspect, the contest was regular, and Octopus can be placed at Letna, or moved in Prague – to Strahov, Vypich or Opatov.

The next meeting is in the first week in December. The Prague Office gave them new law questions, that need to be solved. The definitive decision should come before Christmas. The National Heritage institute also waits for UNESCO statement in the matter.


Jindrich Streit Black and White photography exhibition Prague

Avanesian by Jindrich Streit On 31st of October started an extensive exhibition of Jindrich Streit´s photographs at Stone Bell House, which is a part of City Gallery Prague. This photographic exhibition is a huge retrospective of Streit´s work, which shows pictures taken between years 1965 – 2005.

Jindrich Streit is worldly known documentary photographer, most famous for his pictures of Czech villages in the 1980´s. He captured the villages in the time of real socialism, without any romantic or idealizing pathos so characteristic for depicting Czech villages in previous times. But in the communist period, he was persecuted for his work; even his negatives were once confiscated during a house search.

The exhibition is opened until 3rd of February 2008. Entrance fee is 120 Czk full price, 60 Czk reduced. Read on