Compact archive November 20, 2007

Street Art Prague

street art skolska prague The historically first Prague exhibition about the art of the streets presents absolutely unique collection of stickers and stencils. Partly originals un-sticked from Prague Streets, partly professional documentation.

Street art is a phenomena, having many different definitions; alternative form of communication, folk typography, creative arts or even vandalism.

Stickers are placed basically on everything that forms a part of a street, but the most popular are traffic signs, stoplights, drips, various poles and others.

This kind of art can be found in larger cities, having more than 200 thousands citizens. Stickers are placed especially in a city center and around places visited by young people.

Subjects of the stickers are various, sometimes it is purely art, absurd, grotesque, ironic or funny messages, comic characters, animals in various positions, but also political themes like globalization etc.

A street artist works for free, do not expect fame. His creations are destroyed by people and weather. Many fight against stickers, even when stickers do not harm buildings and the creators say, they do not wish their streets to be full of billboards, too.

It is also possible to buy a book documenting Prague street arts , first of its kind.

Komunikacni Prostor Skolska 28, Street art Prague, Skolska 28, Prague 1,, Opened Mo-Sat 10-17


BUSH in Prague Roxy - Sub Focus

bush roxy prague As you can guess, it is that the big George would come to perform in the Prague club, but the regular event of RoxyIn Da Bush, which of course means – the jungle night.

This time, D’n‘B and jungle prepares special guest SUB FOCUS (ram rec., uk) and Resident DJ GHONZALES (roxy booking)

Sub Focus became a sudden star by tracks as X-Ray Strobe or Get on Up. In a few months he has became one of the most wanted producers, who has no competitorand within Ram records family. He brings something new and fresh into the d’n‘b, which is not so common after all.

Breakbeat chill out djs: Miss B & Luke Skunkwalker ( Resident vjs: Sheba & Stephane Kyles (Fr.)

24th November 2007, Roxy Prague, Dlouha 33, tickets: before 23:00 150CZK, after 23:00 200CZK.


Bem is the leader of ODS Prague

Pavel Bem leader of prague ods The Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem have replaced Jan Burgermeistr. Bem had, according to his colleagues, strong position within the ODS. Now, it became realtively super-strong.

Civic Democratic Party (ODS) of Prague is under the command of Pavel Bem

The forty three years old politician will be even more busy than before. Right now he is the Prague Mayor, the chairman of the Committee on Public Administration, Regional Development and the Environment of Prague, the vice-leader of the ODS, and now even the head of Prague ODS.

However some of the deputies demonstrated yesterday, his power is not limitless. The voting had to be repeated, as in the first vote 41 of 120 votes were invalid. In the second round he got 81 votes.

Prague Castle Exhibition of Christmas Cribs

Christmas Crib from cardboard The annual exhibition of historic and new Christmas cribs is going to lighten up the highest burgrave of Prague Castle on 23th November 2007. You can also meet real curiosities there, like the one which is older 200 years and made from cardboard (on the picture)

According to the organizers, last year the exhibition proceeded with great interest of the wide public. This year they have decided to widen the exhibition, so until 6th January you can come and admire more than forty of the cribs. The opening hours: everyday 9 – 16 in the enclosed area of Prague Castle. Profits go, of course, to charities.

The highest entrance fee for adults is 35 CZK (1,2 €)


Disney Opens a Mobile Games Studio in Prague

Mickey-Mouse The center for development of new games for mobile phones was opened in Prague yesterday. Prague should, in future, rank among the most important centers for development of mobile phone entertainment, with such cities as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Peking. The newest games for mobiles goes from Disney fabrics to the whole world.

The manager of Disney Mobile Games Studio in Prague Jiri Rosenkranz announced he expects the studio to produce as many as ten new games a year. There is real demand for mobile games – in the number of downloads they occupy the second position after music.