Compact archive November 21, 2007

Tiësto's other concert Prague

If you want to go to DJ Tiësto’s concert in Prague T-Mobile Arena, and you have your tickets, lucky you. If you don’t, they are all sold out, but you can still try to get tickets for his performance in Prague club Mecca.

It is still possible to buy tickets for DJ Tiësto’s performance in Prague Club Mecca

DJ Tiesto is for many DJ number 1, who have commenced Olympic Games in Athens, anyway one of the world’s most famous trance DJs. He has also been voted “best DJ in the World” 3 consecutive times by DJ magazine and is currently ranked #1 according to the world DJ rankings, compiled by The DJ List, the worlds largest DJ directory.

As of May 2006 Tiësto is the official worldwide ambassador for the Dance4Life foundation, fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS, for which he recorded the track “Dance4life”. Tiësto also holds the 2nd place record (Robbie Williams in 1st) for the largest concert ever, 250,000 people on Ipanema Beach, Brazil.

In Prague Mecca you have a possibility to hear and closely watch his abilities in a cosy club which is often visited by the world’s V.I.P.s on their vacation in Prague.

Tickets: Ticketpro, 690,- CZK (23,8 €). Club Mecca, U Pruhonu 3, Prague 7. Start: 21:00, 25th November 2007


Finally! More Bikelines in Prague

bike and the city. illustration photo After many years of protests, there are going to be some changes. After demonstrations and crazy events that were attempts to change the sad state of things in Prague, which is: you can ride a bike, but only at your own risk. The city representatives forget about the bicycles quite often, but yesterday was different.

Yesterday, the metropolis representatives withdrew under pressure from the site of many activists. Ludek Dostal, the leader of Prague Ways and Roads, announced the construction workers will come back to all the promised and forgotten areas, and set everything right.

The good news is, 40 millions CZK (1,4 mil. €) were promised to be invested to bike roads development in Prague. Maybe there is a chance for improvement after all.

All the new Bikelines in Prague are going to be red. The color was chosen according to the starting position, where our bike transport is – drivers have to get used to it.


Millions of CZK for preparation of possible Olympic Games in Prague

OG peking 2008 project3 Prague Olympic community gets other 30 millions CZK (1,1 mil. €) for preparation of possible summer Olympic Games in 2016. Committee on the City of Prague have agreed on it yesterday. “If we want the Olympics, the money are definitely worth it.” said the councilman Jiri Langmajer. The Town Council have already invested 15 millions CZK into the preparations.

OG peking 2008 project2 According to its budget, Prague Olympic community should spend 12 millions for project studies, 20 millions for OG promotion, over 3 millions on salaries, 4 millions for law services, 3 millions is the applicant fee, other 3 millions goes on accounting. The Games, if they will be in the Czech Republic, will cost 132,5 billions CZK (4,42 billions €)


The Skatalites - Jamaicans in Prague

The Skatalites The Skatalites are a music group from Jamaica that played a major part in popularising ska. Consisting of some of the best musicians in Jamaica, they played together initially between 1963 and 1965, when they formed music accompaniment for many Jamaicans, like Bob Marley (not famous by far at the time).

In 60’s, they recorded many of their best known songs, including “Guns of Navarone” as well as playing on records by Prince Buster and many other Jamaican artists who recorded during the period.

They reformed in 1986 and have played together ever since. Today, they represent the same non-such for Jamaica, as Buena vista social club for Cuba.

You can hear them today, in Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3. The session starts 19:30


Medvidci a Medvedi – Bears and Teddy bears

teddy bear exhibition Prague The Museum of the Capital City of Prague have changed into a big toyshop those days. There are five hundred teddy bears and other toys. The oldest teddy was made in 1910; the smallest has a half of a centimeter; the biggest one and a half meter.

Historic toys exhibition

The first teddy bear came to shelves about a hundred years ago. It became famous when it was equipped with movable limbs (hands and legs were connected by a piece of rope) which is an invention of a German producer Richard Steiff. Shortly after its first public presentation in 1903 there were purchase orders to the USA, and in 1907, 975 000 teddy bears left Steiff’s factory, mostly to the USA.

Bears and Teddy bears, The Museum of the Capital City of Prague, Florenc, Na Porici 52. The exhibition lasts until 24th February 2007