Compact archive November 23, 2007

Bata was not Collaborator. He may get incredible Refund

Tomas Bata Tomas Bata, the heir of the famous Bata shoe empire from Czech town Zlin, have announced the family asks financial compensation of their property, which was confiscated in Czechoslovakia after World War II. He made the announcement shortly after his son Jan Antonin Bata, the last owner of the concern, had been cleared of collaboration charges.

Collaboration was, after the war, the reasoning for confiscation of all belongings without compensation. Now when is clear he wasn’t a collaborator, he may even get refunds for all the Czech Bata factories, which would made about a hundred million €.

Bata’s family live in Canada and Brazil. Bata shoes are sold in more than fifty countries worldwide.

Istructions: How to pay for the Public Transport in Prague by your Mobile Phone

Since today, it is possible to buy a Prague Public Transport ticket from your mobile phone. That’s it – you don’t need to buy a paper ticket.

So here are the steps: you text DPT on the number 902 06 20 and here you go – you have just bought yourself a transfer ticket worth 20 CZK, which is valid since the moment when you have sent the SMS.

The ticket inspectors of Prague are equipped with a gadget, that can check, if the SMS ticket is valid or not.

At the beginning of 2008 the service will be extended of other tickets and coupons, so this could be the end of waiting for a coupon in queue. This time MHD does something else for their customers than just marking the prizes up…


Czechs like Marijuana

leaf The annual report 2007, published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction yesterday, has revealed Czechs younger 24 years are among the top European consumers of cannabis with 28% of smokers. Ganja is at the same time the most widespread drug of Prague and the Old Continent alike.

The annual report also finds out cocaine is staying out of the Czech Republic, its abuse is rare. It is partly because of the Czech speed Pervitin (metal amphetamine) took its place of ‘the fast drug’, and because its greatest abuser is traditionally the USA, which leaves all other continents behind.

The Czech National Focal Point for Drugs and Drug Addiction have confirmed those data. Marijuana indeed is the most favored drug of the Czech Republic, followed by Ecstasy. Both can be, according to the Police CR, easily purchased.

Snow for Prague Tour de Ski competition will be ready soon

Snow Route- something like this will be seen in Prague In the little town Horni Vltavice in southern Bohemia the snow fabrication has been under way since 15th November. The snow has to be ready on 30th December, when the sprint in cross-country ski starts in Prague, Hradcanske square.

The organizers of Tour de Ski series, do not take into consideration there could be enough snow in Prague on 27th December (neither do we), when they want to start the transportation. The one kilometre sprint by free technique starts on Hradcanske Namesti, and continues on the circuit long 450 metres, on which 2500 cubic metres of snow will be needed, which is about 600 trucks.

Races such as Tour de ski are common, i.e. in Oslo, Paris or Stockholm. And as in those cities, in Prague there won’t be just sports, we can look forward to other entertainment, like concerts, performances and programme for children.


Prague Public Transport: More Kilometres, more Tramways, more Money

The Prague City Transport covers more kilometers than any other public company in Europe. Just for a comparison – tramways, buses and metros cover more than 160 millions kilometers. That is like four thousand times around the globe. In Amsterdam it is one quarter of such a distance.

The MHD also retains supremacy in the contest of: the number of transported passengers/the number of the population. It is the highest in Europe. MHD transports 3,3 millions every day. Only the public transport in Budapest is a competitor in figures, as they transport about 100 million/year more, but Budapest is also of a half a million more populated.

The year 2008 will be in token of more kilometers, like the new station of metro C Letnany, more trains, buses and tramways in action at the same time, more of the new tramways and more money, spend on tickets.
New Prague Tramway 14T