Compact archive November 29, 2007

Big and Small – Tomas Julinek and Tomas Cikrt – Czech Health Reformers

Minister and Speaker as comics characters Zdroj MF Dnes The handbook ‘How to Use the Health Reform’ was published. The whole book is presented by two comics figures, representing Czech Minister of Health Tomas Julinek and his speaker Tomas Cikrt.

They may looked odd, when they first appeared together, Julinek being almost two meters tall and Cikrt only 110 cm. But they both proved they form a team, which is not only able to get reformations through, but also able to make fun of themselves, which are two things that are anything but common in Czech politics. When their reform was passed, they announced they have much more plans for the Ministry.

Tomas Julinek
(b.1956) is a politician and Minister of Health for the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS).
Julinek was appointed Minister of Health in September 2006 to replace David Rath whose radical reforms of the Czech health system were strongly opposed by the country’s private doctors.

Tomas Cikrt
(b.1969) Founded citizen union Palecek which is a union of little people, and a long term editor-in-chief of Zdravotnicke noviny (Medical news).
Became a speaker of Minister of Health for the Czech Republic in 2007.

tomas julinek cikrt Left: Tomas Julinek is almost 2 meters tall Czech Minister of Health
Right: Tomas Cikrt is about 110 cm tall speaker, awarded ‘The best public speaking performance of 2007’

One Health Care Reform takes place, Other is on the Way in CR

free health care is not really free, is it After the changes the Czech Minister of Health Julinek brought to the system of charges for health care, there is a very new reform ahead, sometimes called the Hospital revolution.

Czech patients should be able to legally pay for better care. The scheme of need for bribing on a daily basis should became legal. Patients should be able to pay for a better plaster, modern haunches or a better crystalline lens.

Julinek, Minister of Health, said he wants to submit the bills to the government next May and to parliament next June, so that they take effect from January 2009. His speaker Cikrt said the bills will guarantee the availability of health care, while the range of services will not change.

Important thing is patients shouldn’t pay for the whole i.e. operation, but just the difference between the above standard and the price insurance company pays.

The consequent change, the most important, should be health insurance companies having greater freedom of dealing with their money. They should be able to generate profits and offer more advantages.


Czech MPs lost Free Rides

no, to run such a bus is not for free Czech private transport companies do not have to let Czech Members of Parliament ride for free on their lines, a court has ruled Wednesday.

According to the judge, MPs travelling for free is not a public interest. “The law concerns for public transport only” MPs get special benefits worth thousands of CZK for transport and they also get a car.

The lawsuit started from Student Agency company owner Radim Jancura who refused to give MPs on board of his buses free rides. After all those benefits and fancy cars given to them by us, tax payers, he simply didn’t like the idea any private transport company should give more extra money, to sponsor the MP just becase they are so charming. The court said it is not possible to force by law any private businessmen to sponsor a MP.

This is just one little step, that gives a glitter of hope. Maybe there will be more cuts on the benefits the politicians have. But just maybe. Every time there is a proposal of lowering their bonuses, most of the Mps vote against.

Christmas Markets in Prague Begins

this is how it looked like the last year This Saturday eventing those forty thousands light bulbs on the Old Town square Christmas tree are going to be lighted up, and Christmas markets of this Noel begins.

Marry Drunk Christmas at the Old Town Square “Compared to the previous years there are going to be more stances with refreshments”, said the leading organizer of Tamiko company. “The decorations are going to include four 7-meters tall laser light angels, placed at the corners of the market place.”

Isn’t it just great – the right Christmas spirit needs those stances offering mull, after which crowds of drunken tourists are going to potter around! And what would be Christmas without laser angels. What is going to be there the next year? Mull tanks and laser Baby Jesus getting out of a laser comet? Marry Christmas!


Skoda cars constructed in Russia

octavia engine From the assembly line in Russian city Kaluza, the first completed Skoda Octavia car came out yesterday. The factory hall owner is Volkswagen concern.

Skoda Octavia automobiles for the Russian market are still just assembled there, but since 2009 the factory should start complete manufacturing. Skoda Auto wants to meet the increasing demand of the Russian market.

“…we expect … that around 2011 the total volume of Russian car market will be about three millions automobiles… we would like to sell 50 000 cars next year”

Jan Hurt, the leader of Russian branch of Skoda Auto, commented.