Compact archive December 3, 2007

Roma Music in Prague

Terne Chave Photo by David Skala Terne Chave have their roots in traditional East-European gypsy music. They play and sing old Roma songs, which have learned from their grandparents, who came to Czechia from East-Slovakian gypsy settlements. But they also compose their own songs – recent stories about love and sadness, joy and poverty, women and children, all sung in Roma language.

Gypsy roots and emotions are the main ingredients when mixing their music with latin, jazz, rock, flamenco, reggae, blues, arabian and jewish spices and urban grooves. Sound of the band is based on 2 guitars and 3 vocals, accompanied with violin, accordion, bass, drums and percussions. With this sound and fusion of styles (gypsy roots & urban grooves) the Terne Chave crosses boundaries of gypsy music. With the Terne Chave a gypsy music is different than we have known it till now. Concerts of the band are filled with an energy, which can’t leave you quiet and motionless.

Friday 6th December 2007, „Gipsy Night“ : TERNE ČHAVE, Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1 Tickets: 100 CZK


Czech Airlines Triumphed Again

csa logo Czech Airlines (CSA) were on the first place of the European chart of flight steadiness.

They were clearly at the position for the first three quarters of the year 2007. Steadiness of flight services is being evaluated by the Association of European Airlines (AEA). The jury decides among 26 classic flight companies, which activity is regularly evaluated since 2003.

CSA was successful in this test also last year, when it was second. CSA is, from the ‘new’ countries of the EU, the largest national flight company with their 5,5 million travelers just for the year 2006. High numbers of customers are expected this year too, as during just the half-year of 07, it dispatched 56 000 flights.

Styrsky painting auctioned off for 10 millions CZK

krajina v oblacich Yesterday auction of art pieces at Zofin introduced the fourth most expensive painting sold in the Czech Republic by this way.

The new owner is going to pay 10,25 millions CZK (336 100 €) for the artpiece Krajina v Oblacich (Scenery in Clouds) by Jindrich Styrsky (CR). The put-up was 7 mil. CZK. Paintings by Styrsky are those with highest prices. His painting Cirkus Simonette was sold for 8,6 mil CZK last year.

TOP TEN of Czech Art Auctions

1. Frantisek Kupka – Élévation (Heights) IV auctioned off for 22,1 mil. CZK , 2007
2. Frantisek Kupka – Abstraktní kompozice (Abstract Composition) auctioned off for 13,4 mil. CZK, 2007
3. Josef Capek – Děvče v růžových šatech (Girl in Pink Dress) auctioned off for 12 mil.CZK, 2007
4. Jindich Styrský – Krajina v oblacích (Scenery in Clouds), auctioned off for 10,25 mil.CZK, 2007
5. Josef Capek – Koupel nohou (Leg Bath) auctioned off for 9,3 mil. CZK 2006
6. Antonin Procházka – Poprsi muze (Male Breasts) auctioned off for 9 mil. CZK, 2007
7. Jindrich Štyrský – Cirkus Simonette auctioned off for 8,6 mil.CZK , 2006
8. Ivan Siskin – Před zrcadlem (In Front of a Mirror) auctioned off for 7,5 mil.CZK , 2006
9. Emil Filla – Zlaté rybičky u okna (Golden Fish by a Window) auctioned off for 7,3 mil.CZK , 2000
10. Antonin Prochazka – Kopretiny auctioned off for 7,1 mil.CZK , 2006

Prague Mayor lighting up the Christmas tree

About fifteen thousand people came this Saturday evening to see the ‘tree lighting ceremony’ on the Old Town Square. The pine tree wasn’t switched on all at once, Prague mayor Pavel Bem, with assistance of children, lighted it up slowly, step by step. Small red light bulbs at the bottom of the tree were the first, followed by golden ones. Larger silver lights were the last.

After the light performance the Old Town square vibrated with noels. The next day in the morning, festival markets opened.

The markets are traditionally at Wenceslas square and Old Town square until the 1st January.


Reconstruction of Prague Main railway station underway

secession hall of main train station Prague This weekend the Lockers and Luggage Storages were moved to the first floor. All the changes which are due to reconstruction of Prague Main railway station, can be found on an information orientation plan.

The North part of the railway, where the works are underway, has been closed into some kind of a giant box, which increases in size and the traffic goes around it. The reconstruction is sequent so the station is in function, you just have to look for things. Foreign investor is the Italian company Grandi Stazioni.

Even when the reconstruction was delayed, we can see the face of the largest secession building of Prague changing to the good, hopefully. Prague Main railway station has suffered many years not just of the notorious D1 expressway, built right in front of it..

Prague Main railway station (in Czech: Praha hlavní nádraží, abbreviated as Praha hl.n) is the largest and most important railway station in Prague. It was opened in 1871 as the Franz Joseph I station. During the First Republic and from 1945 to 1953 the station was called Wilson station after US president Woodrow Wilson.