Compact archive December 6, 2007

Special guest of BUSH in Roxy - DJ Marky (Brazil)

dj marky - a very special artist Regarded as a drum’n’bass innovator under the name Marky Mark and then just DJ Marky, he is in the focus of the global Drum and Bass.

Marky’s scratch skills are by one word amazing (just have a look at his videos on his myspace). When England heard him, they loved it. And so Marky stayed. He is a resident in Movement club, London, and works for the UK’s BBC Radio 1.

Marky got started in drum’n’bass in 1992, choosing a more hardcore edge, but the small audiences nearly caused him to give up. At the time, he was told that that kind of music was for only a few. In 1997, he went to London and met DJ Hype and Goldie. The meeting with Brian Gee was definitive for Marky’s conquering of England. In 1999, he was awarded “Best New DJ” by the British critics.

19th January 2008 BUSH in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, Tickets: pre-sale 280 CZK, at the spot 350 CZK


A Vandal at Prague Astronomical Clock

A vandal climbed Prague Astronomical Clock yesterday, to swing for a few minutes on the lower clock-face. The speaker of Prague constables said: “Police officers had to go to the man using a ladder and make him climb down. From a breathe test, they found out he wasn’t drunk. He reasoned his act as a recession. The thing is probably going to bepassed to be solved to an adequate administrative agency.

The ladder had to be brought to the spot by the fire brigade. This little incident happened only a short time after the figure of anastronomer lost his hand to some other vandal. Prague Astronomical clock, which has its statues returned toady, is going to be watched by a security camera system since the beginning of 08.


Famous Czech self-murderer shocked America

viselec - hanging sigmund freud at home in prague - david cerny In Michigan city of Grand Rapids, they got real turmoil, when they thought (and massively called the police and fire brigade), that there is a person hanging from a roof of a building.

When a crowd gathered, and police and fire brigade arrived to talk the ‘unhappy person, which hanged there by the hand’ off the sin (no one thought it strange he was so strong to hang there for hours), they found out it is just a statue.

The famous Czech Artist Jan Cerny, who installs lots of his sculptures in the streets of Prague, is the author. The statue is called Viselec, or The Hanging Man and it is ‘on holiday’ on the roof of Open Concept Gallery in Grand Rapids. It represents life size psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, hanging by one hand.

It is going to scare the Americans until spring 2008. After, it is going to come back home, to Prague, above Jilska street in Prague Old Town.


Czech 'thief of the century' still lost. How much he got exactly?

Prochazka, the person who stole the biggest amount of cash in CZK banknotes, is still on the run. There are hundreds of police officers looking for him. On the frontiers are his photographs. There are even normal folks looking for him, as there is almost 2 million € reward.

He proved to be really cold-blooded, as he got on work, stole the money, got back to work and finished his schift. Thanks to it the theft was not discovered until the next day.

How to launder so much money?

  • An amateur spends small amounts, deposits them into various accounts at various banks, invests into gemstones or arts and changes small amounts to a foreign currency.
  • Mafia founds a company in a tax paradise like Costa Rica, buys and sells realities.

Piles of banknotes he stole:
prochazka 1000 banknotes worth 5000 CZK
– a 10cm pile – 5 millions CZK
91 000 banknotes worth 2000 CZK
– a 0,9 m pile – 5 millions CZK
342 000 banknotes worth 1000 CZK
– a 10m pile – 5 millions CZK
100 000 banknotes worth 500 and 200 CZK
– a 34 m pile – 35 millions CZK

In total it is 564 millions CZK (20 millions €), the total weight of the banknotes is 450 Kg. It has been five days, since he did his theft, and there is not a track of him anywhere in Prague or elsewhere.

Improvements of Prague Zoo

a cheetah in prague zoo A new treasure of Prague Zoo is called Indian Gavial, and it is a very endangered and very precious specie of a crocodile. We should see seven of them since 1st April 2008 there, when they arrive directly from India. Gavials are seen just in Zoos that have renowned in world.

The next year 20 millions CZK (0,7 mil. €) are invested to a project of a new pavilion of elephants and hippos. The are should be accessible since 2010. “ We want to breed them ” says the manager Fejk “ it have never succeeded in Czech Zoos, we want to be the first”.

Prague Zoo plans also something for us, visitors. “At the upper station of the zoo funicular, a reconstruction of a listed cottage, where we want to have a poetical café room with a terrace, starts the next year”.