Compact archive December 7, 2007

Czech out Christmas Concert of Cechomor

cechomor Do you what to see some traditional Christmas show? Some Prague Christmas evening? Some Christmas traditional concert? You can’t do better, when you are in Prague, than to go to hear a concert of Cechomor. They are just going on tour, presenting Svatecni Cechomor (Festive Cechomor)

They presents Christmas songs from Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Poland. They also carry a decent, but festive pageant with them as they make Cristmas concerts in various Czech cities, and 22 December is the day they arrive to Prague, Vinohradske theater. It is two days before the Christmas Eve. There are going to be three special concerts in one day, featuring all the good musicians, Cechomor made their last album with.


Obcan Havel – The Citizen Havel - The Movie

Vaclav Havel The film chronologically maps both the functional periods of Vaclav Havel as the Czech president. We can see how he two times prepares for his presidential swearing.

One of the leitmotivs of the movie is Havel’s relationship with Vaclav Klaus. Really special is the episode, when Bill Clinton is in Prague. “I’ll be at least one tenth as rude as Klaus is to me, and I won’t invite him” says Havel, reacting to Klaus’ wish to see Clinton playing the saxophone in Jazz Club Reduta. Cut. Klaus sitting next to Bill Clinton in Reduta, as happy as King.

In the autumn of 1992 Havel agreed to cooperate with a documentarist Pavel Koutcky, who wanted to film the backstage of presidential activities. Until now, there were 45 hours of material, that were edited into 1:20 film, into the film The Citizen Havel, which has its premiere on 31st January. Everything is authentic, there is not a stylized moment. It deals minimally with politics – it is a story of Havel, and in its moments it is more funny than some comedies.

Statues came back on the Astronomical Clock

the statues Statues at the Old Town Astronomical Clock are after two weeks back on their place. The Prague ‘orlojnik’ have installed them yesterday. The lower statues, which place is by the Calendar (which is the lower clock face) are Chronicler, Angel, Astronomer and Philosopher.

They came through a complete restorer maintenance. A restorer Jiri Matejka added the lost hand of Astronomer which an unknown vandal broke off (and also damaged stone parts of the clock).

The Astronomical Clock becomes often a target of attacks of vandals. Lastly, a young man climbed the clock this Wednesday, just for fun. But the clock faces belong to the most fragile parts of the monument. They are made of acid-etched glass.

For all the future vandals: police officers are permanently present on the Old Town Square so they can get to the monument in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes.


Greenpeace staying on Czech smokestack, anti-coal demonstration

greenpeace chimney Prunerov – 11 Greenpeace activists from the Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Great Britain seized a smokestack of the biggest brown coal electric power plant in the Czech Republic Prunerov.

Prunerov is a giant facility producing 8,9 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. This action takes place during the international conference of Kyoto Protocol of climate changes.

“It is necessary to make an agreement about continuing to protect the living environment, after the Kyoto Protocol expiration in 1012” Sain Jan Rovensky, the leader of energetic and and climatic campaign Greenpeace CR. “However the climate change starts here. This chimney releases 17 ton of carbon dioxide every minute, which would fill three hot-air balloons a minute.” He added.

You can watch videos and skype, icq and write them at the Greenpeace page. You can also read there Greenpeace do not agree with lengthening of life span of old coil power plants from deep communist era, which didn’t care for the environment. According to them, Prunerov works with 32% effectivity, however the modern standard is 47%.

DJ DAMIAN WILSON in Mecca, Prague

mecca mix For the last Meccamix of 2007, the most successful night of Mecca, a truly interresting guest star from London arrives – DJ DAMIAN WILSON ( BBC Radio 1/Ministry Of Sound London / Cr2 Records / UK ) Damian spent 8 years producing the most listened to dance music programme worldwide – Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1.

Damian Wilson won a Sony Gold Award, which is the Oscars for Radio and numerous other awards including the best Radio Show from the House Music Awards 2005.

While he was working on the Essential Selection and when Pete did take time off – he produced some of the world leading DJ’s who covered for Pete from the likes of Erick Morillo, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold and the band Scissors Sisters.

Alongside him will perform DJ DIOME, who celebrates 10 years behind the decks this year. His sets can be characterized by musical freshness and good mood.

Second stage with DJs BON FINIX a SCAR COKE will host a new project SELECTRO. You can watch irresistible IBIZA DIVA performers, Meccamix decorations, videoprojections a special light show.

14th December – Mecca in Prague, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7 Pre-party with all drinks 50 CZK ( 10-11PM ) Entry: 290 CZK, V.I.P. 490 CZK, Pre-sale in Ticketstream 250 CZK.