Compact archive December 10, 2007

Tyn church, vista point of Old Prague, gets New Bell

the old bell from Tyn church The church of our Lady before the Tyn gains a new bell. The bishop Jiri Padour have blessed it on Sunday. It is named after its patron archangel Michael, weights 2,7 ton and it was made in Bohemia. The original bell can finally retire (left picture)

The church of our Lady before the Tyn is one of the most prominent symbols of Prague Gothic style. As well as many other monuments in Prague, this church has a long and eventful history. In the place we see the church with two Gothic towers that dominate the Old town square and all the Old centre of Prague, Ungelt, have stood three churches, each destroyed by the wickedness of times.


Russian TV: American radar was already built in Czech Republic

a radar, an illustration photo If you have heard the news, in which the Russian state television broadcasts, you have heard the American Radar in the Czech Republic close to Prague had already been built. This news is definitely a hoax.

The information came from the French news-agency AFP, which has announced the anti-missile NATO radar location was moved to Slavkov, and that it is already standing. However the radar which was finished there only monitors flight traffic in Moravia, and it has nothing to do with the American Radar. The Russian television have obviously confused two different radars.

Russia is long-term protesting against the NATO radar. According to their leaders, it liquidates the strategic balance in Europe.


Polar bears walked up to the Prague Castle

polar-bear - a symbol of global warming Dozens of demonstrators went with banners to Prague Castle. They wanted to make the politics to take some action, which would reduce global warming. In the front of the demonstration that took place this weekend walked men in polar bear costumes. The international demonstration against the global warming took place.

Demonstrations in more than hundred of world metropolises took place during the huge OSN conference about climate changes. Delegates from 190 countries should agree on a document, which will replace Kyoto protocol in 2012. Greenpeace activists stay on the smokestack.

Prague Had Walls 1000 years ago already!

old prague city walls The new finding of archaeologists of this weekend supports the Abraham ben Jacob deposition; Prague was in 10th century the “City from stone and slake”

Left: The probable proportions of Prague walls in:
1 – 12th cent
2 – 13 – 14th cent
3 – 15 – 16th cent
4 – 19th cent

In the early Medieval age, in Prague would live a few thousands of people, who would manufacture among others saddles, reins or shields. In the settlement, there would prosper also workshops offering high-quality ceramics and fabrics.

Prague of 10th century was a city of active business. For the safety reasons city walls were essential. The findings of 10th century walls were made close to the Lesser Town Bridge Tower.

The new finding definitely supports the place of origin of Prague, which was at the Vltava River, at the place where is now Charles bridge.

Whom does public want for CR president?

62% of people would vote for the present president Vaclav Klaus. The information comes from the research by Median, ordered by MF Dnes. Jan Svejnar would get only 15% votes. Even when the presidential elections are the matter of the parliament in the Czech Republic, the public is clear about their candidate.

As the biggest handicap of Klaus’ possible opponent Svejnar appeared he is not so known here. When Median asked, what is the biggest problem of both opponents, 47% said “Who is Svejnar anyway?”(Svejnar had to emigrate when he was 17) About Klaus; 64% people complained about his arrogance, but they would vote for him anyway.