Compact archive December 11, 2007

Vaclav Havel - Czech Myth exhibition in Prague

hergetova cihelna The long-term exposition, Havel – Czech Myth is from today to see in Hegertova cihelna.
Hergetova Cihelna is a stylish restaurant on banks of Vltava river, with a spectacular view of the Charles Bridge. It’s aim is to introduce the playwright, thinker, ex-dissident and ex-president Vaclav Havel since he was born until now.

“The title is naturally meant half-ironically,” Havel told the press.

And the aim? It is supposed to bring near the times and affairs, during which he lived and worked and which formed him. The exhibition is organized by Library of Vaclav Havel. It is placed there until it moves to its permanent seat, somewhere to the city centre.

Hergetova Cihelna, Opening time: 11:30 – 01:00, Cihelna 2b – Prague 1.


Animals from Prague ZOO should help Wild Animals

Photo from The following article is based on an article by Petr Fejk in MF Dnes.

The year 2007 brought records of Prague Zoo. The first one – there has never been so many visitors in Prague Zoo as this year. Until today it is 1 240 000. It is the third year in a row, when we have the visit rate higher than a million, that meas we are among the world elite Zoos – in Europe there is only 15 of such a brand.

The second historic record is the number of nursed cubs. About 1 200. Including extra-rare Komodo dragon lizards, the famous Tatu gorilla, tigers, giraffes and other species, for which the other Zoos wait in line. Just to contrast: ten years ago it was 300 cubs.

Both those records are a great success. Especially just a few years after the floods. But this success doesn’t just bring more money – the Zoo wants to become a middle man, passing its success on. We want to let the cubs come back to the wild, where they come from, and where they disappear on a large scale. The animals in Zoo should help the animals in the wild. That makes sense.


Czech Olympic Games Candidacy was still not given Government Guarantee

referendum olympics prague Candidacy of Prague for organizing the Olympic Games in 2016 will probably be again discussed by the representatives of the capital city.

The Prime minister Mirek Topolanek (ODS) said during the question time in the House of parliament the government is not guarantying anything to the city in the matter of Olympic Games. This comes as a logic consequence of Pavel Bem and Milan Jirasek still haven’t delivered any official document for the Olympic candidacy to the Czech Government.

The speaker of the Czech Olympic Committee Karel Tejkal stated “We do not want a financial guarantee from the government. We just want a guarantee the Olympic Charter is going to be adhered and that the Czech Republic is a democratic country”

The Prime minister was given at least a new economical study by the director of the Prague Olympic community Tomas Petera.

The opposition sees the Community hadn’t negotiated government guarantee as the big mistake. “It was a mistake, and if the whole thing goes flummox, it will be necessary to end it as soon as possible.”


World's fastest Brass Band comes back to Prague

Fanfare Ciocarlia, palac akropolis Respect Plus: Fanfare Ciocarlia / Romania in Prague
Meanwhile Czech brass bands are the embodiment of music dullness, at the East of Europe it is blessed with completely different colors, rhythms and temperament. Balkan brass play in incredible tempo, their music is intoxicated with fire wine, home-made rakia, Roma feeling, and other that just wait to be discovered.

They are best known for a very fast, high-energy sound, with complex rhythms and high-speed, staccato clarinet, saxophone and trumpet solos, sometimes performed at more than 200 beats per minute.

With historical roots in Austrian and Turkish military bands, Fanfare Ciocarlia’s instrumental lineup includes trumpets, tenor and baritone horns, tubas, clarinets, saxophones, bass drum and percussion. Their song lyrics are usually either in Romani or Romanian.

The band won the BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for Europe in 2006. Their latest release is entitled Queens and Kings.

The band plays a cover version of “Born to Be Wild” in the film Borat.

If you want to hear some brass or Roma music in Prague, this is a concert for you! Fanfare Ciocarlia / Romania 14th January 2008, 19:00. Tickets: pre-sale 400 CZK Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3