Compact archive December 12, 2007

What will be new in Prague Zoo the next year?

seals in prague zoo They are going to get a new pool, twice as large as the present one, and a transparent one. It’s edges are to be an imitation of a rock bank.
Because the Zoo trains seals, a large platform for future audiences is planned to appear at the water basin. It is going to be opened at the beginning of 2009, the price of the structure is a million €.

Prague Zoo plans also something for us, visitors. At the upper station of the zoo funicular, a reconstruction of a listed cottage, where they want to have a poetic café room with a terrace, starts the next year. It is going to be opened in 2008, the price is 350 thousand €.

Observatory Tower
exotic birds in prague zoo At the highest place of the Zoo, next to the buffalo yard, there should be a wooden tower, with wiew of the Zoo and Vltava river. It is going to be opened in 2008, the price is 100 thousand €.

Exotic Birds aviary
Close to the new Observatory Tower there will be an aviary with parrots and others, with the possibility of walk-through. Visitors could get to direct contact with exotic birds. Finished in 2008, opened in 2009, the price is 100 thousand €.


The New Skoda Superb

new skoda superb Left: The New Face of Superb

Skoda Auto presented the new and improved face of Skoda Superb, the company most luxorious model.

The new generation of Škoda Superb, with its exceptional interior space, follows the tradition of the current modern generation. The New Superb brings a number of technical refinements and interesting solutions.

Particular details, like prize, were not revealed. Skoda promises to provide us with further technical details at the world premiere at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show this spring.

The New Superb model fabrication should start in March, in the Skoda Auto factory in the Czech Republic town Kvasinky, east from Prague.

Source Skoda web

Devil's Bible: Codex Gigas in Klementinum may stay longer

codexgigas Originally, Codex Gigas should have stayed in the super-modern strong room of Prague Klementinum, where it is put until the end of 2007, and one of the most unique books of the world was supposed to come back to Sweden.

Now it looks like, those interested in the book will get two more months. “We negotiate pro-longing of the exhibition. The Swedish site have already agreed, but we need more guarantee. The request is now at the Ministry of finance.” Said the speaker of the National Library.

Even when there is only 10 minutes one can dedicate to checking it through, there is really high visit rate. This weekend, the Codex was seen by 35 000 People, in Prague. The tickets must be reserved (online), though.

If the ministry will agree, it will stay in Klementinum until half of March.