Compact archive December 17, 2007

Gorilla Moja Celebrated

gorilla moja The famous gorilla celebrated her third birthday. She got fruit and sweets on Saturday, assisted by her parents and others from her pack of gorillas in Prague Zoo ; The leader and father Richard, her mother Kijivu, aunt Kamba, and her brother Tatu, who will soon have his own first-year birthday

Her tender said, Moja grown up to her pubescence, and now entertains the whole Gorilla pavillon in Prague Zoo. ( And as there are web cameras, many others too ). Moja mostly surprises others by the way she plays with her younger brother Tatu. They fight, she pulls him, and Tatu, even when he is still a small one, pays her back.

Moja stays in Prague Zoo for other four years, than she leaves to find her husband.


Czech Republic enters the Schengen space

From Thursday to Friday there is a huge change at the Czech borders going on – first, the crossing barriers are going to disappear. Second – the Police is almost going to leave the place. Third – the ‘line’ will became crossable almost anywhere.

Czech Republic enters the Schengen space on 21st December 2007. The Schengen space will grow of 9 other countries, like Poland, The Slovak Republic or Latvia.

The borders will be possible to cross by foot or by any other mean of transport. The only restrictions are in National Parks and protected nature areas.

Every state that is in Schengen space has the possibility to re-establish the borders checks for 30 days, with later reasoning.

When travelling to countries outside the Schengen space it is necessary to have a valid travel documents like a passport or visa.

Schengen Agreement Map When travelling with a pet, it needs to have a passport and a tattoo, or a chip.

At the airports, there will be even more checks, because the numbers of policeman there should rapidly increase. Later, checks of travellers from Schengen countries should have less quicker passes.

The Czech Republic obviously enters its new state of being, as a genuine and valid member of the united Europe.

Source: MF DNES

The map: dark blue: members, purple: new members, light blue: not yet implemented


Opera House Christmas Edition in Prague club Mecca

House Christmas Opera House Christmas Edition is inspired by Czech Christmas traditions, so you can look forward not just to house music, but also to bonuses, like:

  • Every guest gets an apple at the entrance – he can slit it and find out, whether the following year will be successful or not. If there is a star, positive. If a cross, negative.
  • You can also take part in lead casting and get to know more about your future. The shape, which the lead takes, shows you.
  • You also have an opportunity to hand over your Christmas gifts; yes, you can take your gifts to Mecca and put them under the OPERA Christmas tree, and than enjoy singing Christmas noels with the rest of the visitors.
  • The other thing you can look forward to is a very special performance of this Opera House – live Christmas Crib.

The music will be provided by the OPERA public darling DJ Lafayette the other 2 DJs – BARON VON YAROUSH and young talented viscount – DJ MACIO. The other stage plays RnB by DJ L.P.

Fri 21th December 12 OPERA HOUSECHRISTMAS EDITION, Club Mecca, U Pruhonu street 3, Prague 7, ENTRY: 190,- CZK / START: 10PM


Right-wing extremists Back to Streets again

neo-nazi want to march again and again Czech right-wing extremists obviously weren’t beaten up enough the last time, when they decided to demonstrate their anti-semitism in Prague. This time, they proclaimed they are going to march the center of Plzen (Pilsen), and this time they call it a ‘Protest march for the freedom of speech’. Just to remind- the last time, the November march was advised as the ‘Demonstration against participation of Czech military forces on the occupation of Iraq’.

The main organizer Vaclav Bures initiated the meeting as a reaction on November police disperse of their demonstration on the anniversary of The Crystal night pogrom in Prague Jewish Town.

Bures also appealed to those of ‘his’ neo-nazis who have a gun licence, to take a weapon with them, as he is afraid they will be attacked by opposite groups like always. The date provokes again, as it was chosen on 19th January, which is a date that relates to the first transport of Pilsen Jews to concentration camps, which meant almost total liquidation of their community in the city.

Svejnar Officially Challenged Klaus: Who will be the New CR President?

Svejnar’s official candidacy was signed by ten senators of all Czech parties, excluding the ODS (Civic Democratic Party) and the KSCM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia). Svejnar is sure, he will unseat Klaus. “ I want to be an unifying president, not a polarizing one .”

svejnar photo by michigan uni klaus photo by i.treehugger Svejnar hesitated over the official challenge. At the end he was convinced by dialogues with representatives of political parties. The executive bureau of the CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) than officially announced their support. He had support of the SZ (Green Party) from the beginning. But the communist party and KDU-CSL (Christian Democratic Union) still didn’t speak clearly.

Svejnar is a politician who puts development first: “It is time to turn the page from the black-and-white view of the world. That left of right perception of the world, that can be summarized by the slogan ‘with Klaus, or left’, is an example of polarization, where you have to choose.” Said Svejnar for MF Dnes. He also announced he wants the presidential post to be more “modern, dynamic and especially effective.”

The elections will be on 8th February 2008.